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gr-gr-gr-grandfather of Joyce Riedinger

family settled in Delaware County, NY around 1800
Index to Descendants below
ages from 1820 US Census

Home in 1820 Roxbury, Delaware, New York

Males - Under 10: 3 . . . Albert, George, James
Males - 10 thru 15: 1 . . . Stephen
Males - 16 thru 25: 1 . . . (help on farm?)
Males - 45 and over: 1 . . . James Head of Family
Females - 16 thru 25: 1 . . . Elizabeth
Females - 26 thru 44: 1 . . . Sarah wife of James

Uncle Frank writes in 1949, "My great grandparents on my father's side were James Persons and (Betsey(?) Merwin. They lived and raised a family at or near Grand Gorge (then Moresville), Town of Roxbury, Delaware County, NY. Their children were: George, Albert, James, Rensaler, and a daughter Elizabeth. There may have been other children, but at this time I have no more information concerning them. Albert and George lived in the town of Liberty, Sullivan Co. James lived at East Worcester, Otsego Co. Elizabeth married Baxter Adams; they lived at North Harpersfield, Delaware Co., NY".
NOTE:Frank Persons was grand-uncle to Joyce Persons Boxler Riedinger

My (Joyce) research shows:
James is listed in the 1810 census as living next to Stephen Murrin and Stephen Murrin Jr., his other neighbors being Daniel Lerever, Frederick W. MKeen, Lewis Hardenbergh and Fanny Baker. In the 1810 census, James is listed with 2 females (1 presumed to be his wife Sarah and daughter Elizabeth. In the 1850 census, James ane Sarah are living with sons George and Albert with neighbors being a Williams family, and Nathaniel Squires and Emory Robinson, Family Burchhan(sp) and Harrington.

Sarah is listed in the 1855 census as a widow. In the 1855 census Sarah states they had lived in the Town of Roxbury for 55 years.

In the 1860 Census when Sarah is living with son Albert, they are right in the village of Grand Gorge. Neighbors being Sines, Soles, Wood, and Wyckoff.

1850 Town Roxbury census - James said to have been born in Massachusetts
1880 Jewett Census - Stephen's father said to have been born in Vermont
1900 Town of Liberty Census - Albert's father also said born in Vermont

On the 4th day of May 1810, James Persons mortgaged unto Barlow Sturges (formerly of Town of Fairfield, CT) (Barlow Sturges obtained the land from Joseph Nicols of Fairfield) 54 acres of land lying in the town of Roxbury (formerly town of Stamford), adjoining lands of Ruth Botsford (daughter of the late John Nicols of Fairfield) and lies in Lot #37 in common with Ruth Botsford.

On the tenth day of June 1835, James Persons mortgage unto William Brackney, 100 acres of land, part of Lot #9 on the northern division of Great Lot #19 in the great Hardenberg Patent, it being the same piece of land conveyed to Persons by E.R. Satterlee by a lease dated 30 Sept 1829.

15 Aug 1835, James Persons mortgage unto Charles Smedberg - Lot #9 in the northern division of Great Lot #19 of Hardenberg Patent. This property appears to be on or near the Ferris Hill Road.

Notation in Mortgage Index at Delhi that Ruth Botsford was wife of Charles Smedberg"


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