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Photos from Davenport, Fact and Fancy

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Chapter 1 - Photos

1.01 Overlooking the Charlotte Valley and beyond from above Stewart Road.

1.02 Charlotte Valley looking west toward (not 'east from') the vicinity of High Point from Hebbard's upper pasture above what became County Route 9 (not 'Route 23'). [1920s].

1.03 Buttermilk Falls, Fergusonville, showing sandstone ledges typical of most valley walls, about 1905.

1.04 Sexsmith Lake before lakeshore log clearing, about 1903.

1.05 Charlotte Valley looking east, below and to the west of High Point (seen in upper right hand corner), probably 1930-35.

1.06 Birdseye view of hamlet of Davenport from the old bluff above the Graig hillside pasture, fairground in background [about 1904].

Chapter 2 - Photos

2.01 Recognizance posted by Daniel Prentice for a sum of £50 to be forfeited if gambling or any other "disorderly " activities are discovered in his tavern or "within any outhouse, yard, or garden. "

2.02 Middle Brook dam at Yerdon's mill, Hoseaville (off Buck Road), about 1908.

Chapter 3 - Photos

3.01 John Davenport farm (mid-1900's) when owned by Durward and Sally MacCracken.

3.02 John Davenport's oath of office as a Commissioner of Schools, April 14, 1818.

3.03 Gardner Wescott's oath of office when sworn in as an Inspector of Common Schools, April 15, 1817.

3.04 Schoolhouse, District #1 (later District #15) Davenport's first school.

Chapter 4 - Photos

4.01 Old Keystone Bridge carrying Charlotte Creek Road over Negro Brook (once "Nigger Brook ") near Turner Hill Road, early 1900s.

4.02 Parker Bridge (covered) east of Butts Corners, carrying Charlotte Turnpike. Early 1900s.

4.03 Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad stagecoach connecting Davenport Center terminal with Stamford.

4.04 Charlotte Turnpike covered bridge over Charlotte River, Davenport Center, 1930s.

4.05 The U&D RR meets the C&CV RR at West Davenport, 1900.

4.06 Ulster and Delaware (by the date of photo, this was now the New York Central) mail train approaching West Davenport station, October 1953.

4.07 Eunice Forman climbing ladder in West Davenport to hang outgoing mailbag from mail arm for retrieval from moving train by "mail catcher. "

4a Parker Bridge over Middle Brook near Davenport's eastern boundary, side view and entrance, 1906.

4b Parker Bridge interior, showing construction, early 1900s.

4c West Davenport turntable for engines of Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley RR.

4d Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad, along right side of Charlotte River near Davenports Center.

4e Last New York Central (former Ulster and Delaware) passenger train to pass through West Davenport, April 1, 1954.

4f Two-horse stagecoach, Davenport Center, with driver Orson J. Buck.

Chapter 5 - Photos

5.01 Cutting logs with a one horsepower saw.

5.02 Lumber mill west of Davenport, early 1900s.

5.03 Model of Elwell mill where Ralph Taber worked as a boy. Ralph Taber in 1970s standing on right, photo editor David Griswold on left.

5.04 Evaporator, used to make casein, moving (slowly, on rollers) along the Charlotte turnpike from Davenport Center railroad station to the Sheffield/Slawson-Decker creamery in Davenport village.

5.05 Installing smokestack on Sheffield Farm, Slawson-Decker Creamery, Davenport village near the foot of Mill Street, about 1908.

5.06 TenEyck lumber mill, north bank of Charlotte River, Davenport village.

5.07 Ervin Davis (later Roselle Barnes) furniture manufactory and store, Davenport Center, south side of the turnpike between the two branches of Kortright Creek, early 1900s.

5.08 Sash and blind factory (Jacob Follett), cradle and rake factory (Silas Evans), and on far right, the sawmill of Ezekiel Miller, in Davenport Center, about 1880.

5.09 Milk truck delivering milk cans to creamery in winter, 1920.

5.10 Charlotte turnpike road, West Davenport looking west, early 1900s.

5.11 Gristmill in West Davenport, north side of Charlotte turnpike road, early 1930s.

5.12 D.J. Hanford's mill in East Meredith about 1895.

5.13 Ice cutting crew, Pine Lake, 1920s.

5a Roselle Barnes cutting up cordwood, one horse powered saw, Prosser Hollow. About 1910.

5b John Culver's lumber yard, about 1913.

5c Cutting ice with circular saw and old automobile engine, Pine Lake, 1920s.

5d TenEyck lumber mill, north bank of Charlotte River, Davenport village, showing later change in roof, removal of near end of earlier mill and some deterioration of siding since earlier photo (the one including the entire bridge) by Ervin Davis.

5e Elwell gristmill on south bank of Charlotte River near Mill Street bridge.

5f Sheffield Farms, Slawson-Decker creamery, south Side of Charlotte River, Davenport village.

5g Wheelwright and wagon shop, Davenport Center, with customer's wagon, early 1900s.

5h Charlotte turnpike road, West Davenport looking west, about 1870.

5i Charlotte turnpike road, West Davenport looking west, after 1910?.

Chapter 5 - Maps

5M.1 Map (Fergusonville, NY - 1900's)

5M.2a Map (Davenport - 1800's)

5M.2b Map (Davenport - 1900's)

5M.3a Map (Davenport Center, NY - 1800's)

5M.3b Map (Davenport Center, NY - 1900's)

5M.4a Map (West Davenport, NY - 1800's)

5M.4b Map (West Davenport, NY - 1900's)

5M.5 Map (East Meredith, NY Late 1800's & Early 1900's)

Chapter 6 - Photos

6.01 "Two stones for every dirt, " an old saying about Delaware County farmland, is illustrated by this early 1900s scene of the Charlotte Valley looking east from below High Point.

6.02 Not all the oxen disappeared. Five-year old Walter Guildersleeve in ox-drawn cart, on Davenport Center bridge over Kortright Creek, about 1900.

6.03 Cutting corn early in the last century.

6.04 Two horses powering an apple cider mill, early 1900s.

6.05 Hop pickers posing while stripping hop vines into the two boxes.

6.06 Hop yard in picking time, showing hop vines growing on tall poles and bare poles in the right center, awaiting placement for a future crop.

6.07 Floyd Scott's saphouse on Charlotte Creek Road, just above its termination at Butts Corners to Fergusonville County Road 9. Late 1930s or early 1940s.

6.08 Four loaded hay wagons underway, before crossing the Charlotte River.

6.09 Elbert A. Taber (1849-1924) with his sons and two plow horses, about 1902.

6a Haying time on the flats along the Charlotte River, Orson Buck farm (formerly Nathan Pierce and later Steve Doroski), 1920s.

6b Hay rake and horse, Davenport fairground in background. The photo, from the 1920s, looks south across the Charlotte valley towards Davenport village.

6c Mowing hay with two horses, followed by the cleanup crew with a scythe. Charlotte Valley, probably Davenport's east end, early 1900s.

6d Buckwheat field, perhaps the same stony field shown in the earlier photo, after harvesting and collecting into shocks for drying. Early 1900s.

6e Two horsepower threshing machine, early 1900s.

6f Loading hay on the Charlotte River flats above High Point.

6g James McNamara using a grain cradle.

6h Frank VanDusen (VanDeusen, VanDuesen) family cutting corn.

Chapter 7 - Photos

7.01 Main Street (turnpike), Davenport village looking east, pre-World War I.

7.02 Elmore Milling Company store, Davenport Village, 1930s.

7.03 West Davenport general store and post office, 1930s.

7.04 Interior of Davenport Center general store, 1930s.

7.05 Reynolds home, Davenport Center, early 1930s.

7.06 The Hanford/Thompson-Scudder/Thompson-Parris/Thompson/Fay-Parris/Adair general store, East Meredith, early 1900s.

7.07 Elegant dining room of the Mattice Hotel, about 1915.

7.08 Davenport Inn, Davenport Village on south side of Route 23, 1994.

7.09 Henry Wickham's Store, north of Main Street, Davenport Village, about 1910.

7.10 Wade's Hall (the former Baldwin's Hall), about 1920.

7.11 Page One, the Davenport Standard, November 28, 1895.

7.12 Taber's Store, Davenport village, about 1904.

7.13 Interior of Taber's Store, 1949, after the foiled robbery attempt.

7.14 Bill Wheeler's Store, Fergusonville. This typical small town general store operated in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

7a Brandt Hotel, West Davenport, on north side of old Charlotte Turnpike to Emmons (later known as the West Davenport Road) above the Tally Ho Restaurant. Formerly Sloat's (West Davenport) Hotel, and afterwards, Mae Barnes' home for the aged and then Eckert's apartments.

7b Tally Ho Restaurant, north of West Davenport Road (former Charlotte Turnpike) in West Davenport, 1987.

7c Cyrus Whitlock's general store on left, the law office of ( "Mr. Law-and-Order ") A. Raymond Gibbs on right.

7d The John Henderson/Fred Adair/Henderson Brothers general store, East Meredith, 1911.

7e Parks Hotel (the former Sloat Hotel of Davenport Center and once the Stuart Hotel), east of Kortright Creek (in foreground) and north of the Charlotte Turnpike, Davenport Center, about 1920.

7f Site of John Coulter's general store, Davenport Center, northeast corner of East Meredith Road and Route 23, late 1920s.

7g Baldwin's Hall, early 1900s, Davenport Village.

7h Former Clarendon Hotel (once the Dart and Graig Hotel, the East Davenport House and later, Mattice's Hotel), Davenport Village, 1920s.

7i Main Street, Davenport Village looking west, early 1900s. Elbert Taber's store is on left, Clarendon Hotel on right.

7j Taber's Store, Davenport village, 1949.

7k Leslie Sanford's Garage at site of earlier Glendenning garage, Davenport Village looking east along Main Street, 1930s.

7l "Dayton's Store, " Fergusonville. The store was started by a Mr. Swark about the time that Wheeler's Store, to the west, closed. It was later owned by a Mr. Rifenburg, and Dayton served in the store for a number of years.

Chapter 8 - Photos

8.01 School House, District #3, Davenport Center, 1930s. This was where author Mary Selzer, fresh from Oneonta State Normal School, first came to teach in 1936.

8.02 East Meredith school, 1930s or 40s.

8.03 Schoolhouse, District #7. Davenport village's second school building, built sometime after 1865.

8.04 Union Free School, Davenport village, 1930s.

8.05 The Union Free School graduating class of 1924.

8.06 Charlotte Valley Central School and village, looking northwest across Route 23, 1938.

8.07 Charlotte Valley Central School (CVCS) high school Class of 1948.

8.08 Fergusonville Academy, about 1848.

8.09 Fergusonville Academy boys and girls playing croquet, about 1850.

8.10 Dr. Thomas L. Craig, 1865-1941.

8.11 Dr. Gilbert T. Scott was born before the Civil War and graduated from the University of the College of New York in 1884.

8.12 William (Uncle Billy) McDonald (1835-1930) and wife Mima (Wickham) McDonald (1832-1894).

8.13 Davenport's "Old Mack " fire truck, early 1970s

8.14 Today's firehouse, Davenport village. This facility replaces the former building, the old Union Free School, which burned down in 1966.

8a Quaker Hill School, District #13, early 1900s.

8b Schoolhouse, District #18, Stewart Road south of Sexsmith Hill, early 1900s.

8c Schoolhouse, District #8, South Hill.

8d Schoolhouse, District #14, at the intersection of Taylor Road and Dutch Hill Road between Davenport village and East Meredith, about 1915.

8e Close-up of the recently constructed Charlotte Valley Central School, 1938.

8f A baseball game at the Fergusonville Academy, about 1850.

8g The former Fergusonville Academy as it appeared in 1987.

8h Dr. Gilbert Scott's home next door to Baldwin's Hall, early 1900s at a time when Claude Taylor also lived there.

8i Parlor in the home of Dr. Gilbert T. Scott, early 1900s.

Chapter 9 - Photos

9.01 Davenport's last revival meeting, Davenport Center, 1929.

9.02 Methodist youth choir, Davenport village, about 1958.

9.03 The Maccabees on parade in East Meredith, Fourth of July, 1903.

9.04 Officers of Charlotte Valley Rebekah Lodge #393, 1963-64.

9.05 Davenport baseball team, east of Davenport village looking south towards Route 23, 1920s.

9.06 Marian Ennis and the Easter Egg Project of the Davenport Methodist Church.

9.07 Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), September 12, 1896 or 1898, mourning the death of their long-term president, Francis E. Willard (or possibly someone else) at the home of Mrs. Woodbeck, Davenport.

9.08 An early barn raising in Delhi.

9.09 Courting by horse and carriage, early 1900s.

9.10 George and Mary Somerville's wedding gifts, January 1907.

9a United Presbyterian Church, Davenport village, about 1900.

9b United Methodist Church, Davenport Center, about . . . Built in 1834, this was the town's first Methodist Church.

9c Fergusonville Church, picnic lunch after summer ecumenical service.

9d United Methodist Church, West Davenport, 2001.

9e Davenport's Baptist Church, West Davenport, October 2001.

9f The Morrell House, West Davenport, built by William W. Morrell, an original and long-term church leader, probably in late 1800s.

9g United Methodist Church, Davenport village, early 1900s.

9h Remodeled United Methodist Church, Davenport village, August 1984.

9i Ice cream social on the lawn of Elbert A. Taber's house, Davenport village about 1904.

9j Youth Choir of the United Methodist Church, Davenport village,1955.

9k Parking for Davenport's last revival meeting, 1929. Evangelist Gypsy Smith led this weeklong meeting in Davenport Center.

9l I.O.O.F (Odd Fellows) Hall, Davenport village. This is the former District #7 school building that once stood at the edge of the cemetery on the bank above Mill Road.

9m Rider barn raising, Davenport Center vicinity, 1905. Close to one hundred men posed for this picture.

9n Ready to raise a section of interior posts and beams on a barn in Delhi.

9o And the barn raising is completed.

9p Courting? by bicycle, Davenport village, early 1900s.

9q Richard Sanford, former fire chief, rides an old-fashioned "bone shaker " bicycle in the 2003 Memorial Day Parade, Davenport village.

Chapter 10 - Photos

10.01 Encampment of Delaware County's 144th Infantry Division, about 1863.

10.02 Civil War soldier from the 144th Infantry Regiment.

10.03 144th New York Regiment on parade, mid-1860s.

10.04 World War I, Seymore Davis.

10.05 Two Great War soldiers in Florida, about 1918.

10.06 Fiftieth reunion of the Class of 1935, Oneonta Normal School.

10.07 Mess tents of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), below Stone Fort Road, east of Davenport, August 7, 1933.

Chapter 11 - Photos

11.01 Dancing at the Grange Hall, Davenport Center.

11.02 Worthy Grange Masters and Past Masters.

11.03 This was the building that Davenport Grange No. 1516 built and moved into in 1937.

11.04 The Davenport Historical Society's new home in the former Grange No. 1516 building, now Davenport Town Hall, 1986.

Chapter 12 - Photos

12.01 Davenport village from Graig's pasture in 1999. Compare this with the "Bird's eye view of Davenport " in Chapter 1.

12.02 Bus from East Merideth navigating 1935 flood, Davenport Center.

12.03 Davenport anti-dam lobbyists in Washington with Representative Katherine St. George, March 1956.

12.04 Close-up of a bundled-up Ralph Taber driving his first car in winter, 1914.

12.05 Dr. (on the left) and Mrs. George Douglass, bundled up and ready for an automobile ride, 1915.

12.06 Horses to the rescue. It required two horses and a team of men (and onlookers) to rescue John Graig's new car from the Charlotte River bed below the Mill Road dam in Davenport village, 1920s.

12.07 First road grader, Town of Davenport, about 1908. This was a J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co. model, subsequently named "Old Maude. "

12.08 The old and the new. Parker (covered) Bridge over the Middle Brook, eastern end of Davenport, and its 1916 replacement still under construction.

12.09 Tracks and Davenport Center station of Ulster and Delaware Railroad, 1932, looking south from pedestrian overpass. New viaduct for automobiles in background.

12.10 Pedestrian walkway over Ulster and Delaware tracks, Davenport Center, built by the railroad about 1931.

12.11 Early Town steamroller in Davenport village, about 1920. Ben Ballard was the first operator.

12.12 Two passing cars in 1920 on the cross-valley road below High Point.

12.13 Vern Whitlock's airplane in the "Whitlock (Ray Rider) airstrip, " Davenport Center, 1927.

12a The condition of Main Street (Charlotte turnpike), Davenport village, about 1908.

12b Ice jam at Van Deusen Bridge over Middle Brook, Butts Corners, winter of 1912.

12c View of Van Deusen Bridge and Middle Creek ice floes, slightly upstream from bridge and looking west, winter of 1912.

12d Ralph Taber with his first car on a snowy, wind-swept road in 1914.

12e Davenport's road grader, "Old Maude, " a Case "Traction Engine, " fails to complete the passage of an even older bridge.

12f The iron bridge over the Charlotte River, Mill Road, Davenport village, mid 1910s.

12g John Graig's new car below Mill Road bridge, Davenport, before rescue efforts,1920s.

12h This old car looks about as decrepit as the building behind it.

12i Heavy traffic on the Charlotte turnpike (now Route 23) in Davenport Center in 1925.

12j Davenport Center viaduct, built in 1930.

Chapter 13 - Photos

13.01 Old Home Day, Davenport village, 1920s.

13.02 Boarding House, Beaver Spring Farm, Davenport village.

13.03 Vacationers from the Beaver Spring Boarding House out for a ride.

13.04 William Horner's Edelweiss Cottage, Fergusonville, 1920s. Horner was an advertising executive with the Brooklyn Citizen.

13.05 Louida McNeilly (Powell) and Elizabeth "Lizzie " Brownell (Cargin) on a picnic at Strader Lake, early 1900s.

13.06 Steamboat towing string of boaters on Goodrich/Strader Lake, 1890s or early 1900s.

13.07 Parlor of the original "Sherman House " built by Dan Sherman in 1910.

13.08 New Hotel at Sherman Lake, 1919.

13.09 Mary Etta Kenyon, Davenport's own burlesque star (and later goat lady). Etta Kenyon, part Indian and descended from the Webbs of Webb Hill, Davenport, was born in 1895.

13.09Lg Mary Etta Kenyon, Davenport's own burlesque star (and later goat lady). Etta Kenyon, part Indian and descended from the Webbs of Webb Hill, Davenport, was born in 1895.

13.10 This White truck was used by Dan Sherman from about 1910 to 1920 for carrying passengers from and to Oneonta.

13.11 Beaver Spring Lake, Davenport village, early 1930s.

13.12 Campers near Sexsmith Lake, about 1910 or 1911, wearing typical outdoor camp clothing of the time, including hats on women in the background.

13.13 Approach to community landing, "Lake Adaquetangie " (Sexsmith Lake), 1935.

13a Going to the Oneonta Fair, October 11, 1911.

13b Guests in front of the Beaver Spring Farm Boarding House, pre-World War I.

13c Sun porch and view at Beaver Spring House (the Boarding House at Beaver Spring Farm), looking east.

13d John Frank Von Neer, professor of music at Brooklyn College, song leader and soloist singer at Davenport events, and cordial host of the Beaver Spring Farm Boarding House. The picture probably dates from the 1910s.

13e Frank Von Neer and friends, most of whom in this photo are other Neers or neighboring VanZandt relatives, 1920s.

13f Beaver Spring Lake after damming, early 1930s.

13g Wellington Neer's Pleasant View Cottage, Charlotte Creek Road, Davenport village.

13h Strader's Lake and rowboats before 1910.

13i Rental cottages on the banks of Sherman Lake. These summer cottages were purchased from Sears Roebuck for $100 each.

13j Sherman Lake guest, vaudevillian Bob LaSalle in various publicity poses, 1922.

13k Boats on Sexsmith Lake, about 1911. Note long skirts on woman.

13l East shore "Lake Adaquetangie " (Sexsmith Lake) in late afternoon sunlight with rowboats at community landing, 1930s.

13m "Subject for an Interview, " a dispatch from Davenport, NY, by Richard L. Strout, August 6, 1971.

Chapter 14 - Photos

14.01 Davenport Town Board, late 1930s.

14.02 Frederick, Donald, George, and Robert Buck served; Edwin (not shown) stayed to run the family farm.

14.03 "Memories " of World War II.

14.04 Robert Allen Beams of Davenport Center and M-16, Vietnam War, 1969.

Chapter 15 - Photos

15.01 Davenport's "quiet charm " of the hills has, if anything, been enhanced by the regrowth of trees since this glass plate photo was made almost a hundred years ago.

15.02 Photographer and craftsman Claude Taylor at home, reading by oil lamp next to an ornate, inlaid library table he had made, early 1900s.

15.03 Scene from Bicentennial production, "Days to Remember. "

15.04 Honored guests in Bicentennial Parade, June 19, 1976. Town Historian Mary Briggs in back with featured speaker, Ambassador (later senator) Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

15.05 Another event from the 1976 Bicentennial's "Days to Remember. "

15.06 Tenth high school class from the Charlotte Valley Central School, 1948.

15.07 More old and new: 1900s Mickel Bros. shop (mostly Joe Mickel), built on the site of the earlier S.W. Evans Rake Factory, being demolished to make way for a new bridge in West Davenport, 1980.

15.08 Area north of Davenport village showing subdivided land divisions, 2001.

15.09 New developments in Davenport farming. Richie Sanford wrapping baleage on farm of Peter and Shannon Christensen, Davenport Center, 2003.

15.10 New directions in Davenport "agriculture. " Some of the many dozens of greenhouses serving J.R. Frazier and Sons, Southside Drive (old Route 23) in Davenport's western end.

15.11 The new. Latest in Davenport lumber processing, 2003. From this sawmill just east of Davenport village, Greene Lumber Company ships hardwood lumber throughout the northeast and into the southern states as well as Canada.

15.12 And the old. Delivering a single log to Hanford Mills, about 1895. The driver is Charles Miller and Merritt Barnes, godson of Josiah Hanford, is the boy with the bicycle.

15a Herbert Fiederer's Latham Oneonta Mobile Homes, Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1985.

15b Thomas LaRose and Thomas Mahon's "multi-use building, " Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1993.

15c Royal Chrysler (Harris Enterprises), Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1985.

15d Wayne Hymers' Otsego Auto Crushers, Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1990.

15e Lois Melin's The Barn Yard, Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1999.

15f John Eckert's Volkswagon and Audi dealership, Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1990s.

15g Pickett Building Materials (until about 1982 the Golden Rule Building Supply Center), Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1985.

15h Thering Sales and Service (electric motor repair and farm equipment), Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1990.

15i Arnan Development Corporation's Oneonta Block Company (manufacturer of concrete blocks), Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1997.

15j Riddell Brothers Trucking, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " Southside Drive (old Route 23), western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1993.

15k Donald Schultz' (of San Franciscio, CA) Schuman B-Line Moving and Storage (North American Van Lines), Route 23, western Davenport section of "Southside Oneonta, " 1993.

15l Tom Howard's mini-mall, 2003. The most recent of "Southside Oneonta's " (western Davenport) many Route 23 businesses (construction company, wood stoves, industrial supplies, "caps " for pickup trucks, etc.)

Chapter 16 - Photos

16.01 More of Davenport's "quiet beauty " off Layman Road in Fergusonville, 1999.

16.02 Two examples of the wave of vacationers, retirees, and others who are building new homes in Davenport. Above, the "log cabin " of Frederick Sales and below, the 2-story structure of Richard Wilke, 1999.

16a Ervin Davis house, 1907, built for his own use by the photographer and furniture maker.

16b Parlor, Ervin Davis home, 1907.

16c Ezra MacDougal (former Lawyer A.R. Gibbs) home, West Davenport, 1920s?

16d W. Arthur Rice's MacArther's Funeral Home, Davenport village, 1983.

16e Dr. Craig's house (on the left) and Taber's store, Davenport village, about 1910.

16f George Mars Hillis home (not that of Lacell Hillis), Hoseaville, early 1900s. Burned down in 1958.

16g E.A. Taber house, west of Davenport Inn in Davenport village, about 1904. Mrs. E. A. Taber sits on the porch with son Ralph.

16h Emory Evans in his kitchen, early 1900s.

16i Street through Fergusonville (today's County Route 9), early1900s.

16j Vida Taylor after crossing Main Street to Baldwin's store, Davenport village, early 1900s. Note narrow plank "sidewalk " used to avoid the mud when crossing the road.

16k Charlotte River and valley looking east from embankment above Mill Road, Davenport village, 1930s.

16l A look at the future? Contractor Tom Howard's new home under construction, Heritage Hill Road, Davenport's west end, 1998.


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