Davenport Story
Historical and genealogical information on John Davenport and the Davenport surname, composed by Jeffrey C. Griswold.  

Included in the special supplement by Jeffrey Griswold entitled Davenport Story is genealogical information with accompanying text and charts, and an extraordinary photo of Davenport village taken in 1904 by photographer Claude Taylor on a glass-plate negative and digitally colorized in 2004 by Jeffrey Griswold.  Compare this colorized image with photo DHS #1.06 which appears on page 11, Chapter 1, of the book’s text.  Researchers will also find bibliographical material and notes along with images of original documents from the 1830 Proceedings of Surrogates Court regarding the will of John Davenport.  All this and more, including a colorful genealogical chart showing the Davenport connection to U.S. Presidents Bush and Taft, can be found in this special Davenport Story supplement.  Davenport Story photos, court document images and the photo version of Davenport genealogical charts can also be directly accessed from links located at the bottom of the CD-ROM photos page.

Additional Pictures
Here you can access additional pictures that are only available with the electronic copy of the book.  Click on a chapter below to access the additional pictures for that chapter.

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Davenport Charter

The original Davenport Historical Society Charter from 1974, incorporating the DHS.

Click on any of the maps below to see a larger image.
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Fergusonville, NY - 1900's East Meredith, NY - Late 1800's and Early 1900's
5M.2a.jpg (85480 bytes) 5M.2b.jpg (103328 bytes)
Davenport, NY - 1800's Davenport, NY - 1900's
5M.3a.jpg (111514 bytes) 5M.3b.jpg (215839 bytes)
West Davenport, NY - 1800's Davenport Center, NY - 1900's
5M.4a.jpg (98069 bytes) 5M.4b.jpg (102777 bytes)
Davenport Center, NY - 1800's West Davenport, NY - 1900's
Davenport and surrounding areas, 2003. [small size] Davenport and surrounding areas, 2003. [large size]
FO.1.jpg (630970 bytes) 4.05.jpg (153937 bytes)

Town of Davenport, NY, roads and place names (Fold-out map inside rear cover).

Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley RR meets Ulter & Delaware RR, Davenport

Newspaper Articles
News articles from:

Charlotte Valley News

Four pages from the Charlotte Valley News, 1878.

Davenport Standard

Eight pages from the Davenport Standard, 1895.

Christian Science Monitor

Subject for an Interview by Richard Strout. This article appeared in The Christian Science Monitor in 1976, and depicts Strout's meetings at Sexsmith Lake with Daniel Patrick Moynihan and with a Davenport porcupine.

Town Officers 1817-2002
A listing of Davenport's town officers, compiled by the Davenport Historical Society.  The list dates back to the formation of the town if Davenport in 1817. Click any of the links below to view the lists, or you can directly view the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Sorted By Date 

Town Officers 1817-1849
Town Officers 1850-1879
Town Officers 1880-1909
Town Officers 1910-1939
Town Officers 1940-1969
Town Officers 1970-2002
MS Word Format

Sorted By Name

Town Officers [A-B]
Town Officers [C-F]
Town Officers [G-L]
Town Officers [M-O]
Town Officers [P-S]
Town Officers [T-Z]
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Sorted By Position

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Post Office Officials
A listing of the post office officials for Davenport, West Davenport, and Davenport Center. [MS Word Format]

Davenport's Population
An essay by Alan M. Strout on Davenport's Population in the Early Years.  [MS Word Format]

A supplement to the essay, describing how population was estimated. [MS Word Format]

Davenport Farm Data
A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of statistical data relating to Davenport's farms in 1865, created by Alan M. Strout.


World War I and World War II Veterans
A listing of WWI veterans from Davenport. [MS Word Format]

A listing of WWII veterans from Davenport. [MS Word Format]