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Center Street, Franklin, Delaware Co, NY - Latitude: 42° 20' 23.688" N, Longitude: 5° 10' 1.548" W, Altitude: 382.00 m

Compiled from several sources and submitted by Annette Campbell, January 31, 2002 - photos by Joyce Riedinger 2015

Check notes at bottom of this page - click Bequest photo and any highlighted names to view large size

Reference to First Congregational Church in The History of Delaware County W.W. MUNSELL 1797-1880 THE TOWN OF FRANKLIN


Azariah Willes, Dr.   d. Oct 11, 1810   Age 89y
Deidamia  (Douglass) Willes   Jul 28, 1775-Aug 27, 1872   Age 97y1m
Nathan Edgerton   d. Aug 4, 1822   Age 69y
Mrs. N. Edgerton    No data
Roswell Edgerton   No data
Lucy Edgerton    No data
Sally Edgerton    No data
Helen Edgerton   No data
Erastus Edgerton   20 Dec 1783-Jun 6, 1837
Sophronia Edgerton   Feb 27, 1794-May 10, 1869   wife of Erastus
    see photo & information on their son Erastus S. Edgerton          
Hannah D. Edgerton   Mar 17, 1814-Dec 26, 1831   daughter
George W. Edgerton   Oct 11, 1811-Aug 6, 1812
Susan Edgerton   d. May 9, 1825   Age 25y   wife of Henry
Amos Douglass, Judge   Jun 21, 1779 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co, NY
    died March 19, 1857
Miriam (Wright) Douglass   d. May 19, 1846   Age 61y
Eliza Miriam Douglass   d. Nov 19, 1824   Age 6y   daughter of Judge & Miriam
Amos Douglass   Aug 11, 1813 in Franklin, Delaware Co, NY
    died Mar 14, 1887
Mariette (Hine) Douglass   Jan 27, 1819 in Franklin, Delaware Co, NY
    died Oct 18, 1885   wife of Amos
Georgia F. _________   Mar 29, 1859-Mar 13, 1865

REST OF CEMETERY - behind Fire Dept (see photo)

William H. Gates
Regarding Willam H. Gates Family

Aaron Chamberlin, Gen.   d. Aug 26, 1825  Age 88y [NOTE: another source says
    Age 68y with a ?]
Chancy Chamberlin   d. Jul 9, 1817   Age 18y   son of Aaron 

Mehitable Chase   d. Mar 1812  Age 35y

Fanny Signor   d. Jan 8, 1841   Age 38y   wife of Albert

Catherine Everitt  d. Sep 12, 1832   Age 15y   wife of William  

Ira Birdsall   d. June 3, 1833   Age 41y6m  [NOTE:  another source says age 44] 
Alice Birdsall   d. Dec 4, 1870   Age 74y
Adelia Birdsall   d. Sep 4, 1815  Age 4y   d/o Ira & Alice
Daughter Birdsall   d. Jul 21, 1813   Age 3 days  d/o Ira & Alice

Amelia Ann Betts   d. Mar 8, 1832   Age 16y   daughter of William & Lydia
Lydia Mary Betts   d. Jul 26, 1821   Age 7y   daughter of William & Lydia
Peter Betts   Oct 1, 1739-Aug 10, 1807 at Franklin, NY

Aaron Dewey   d. Feb 18, 1827  Age 71y [NOTE: another source says
    d. Feb 7, 1824  Age 74y]
Ruth Dewey   d. Oct 30, 1817   Age 61y   wife of Aaron
   Former wife of Matthew Wattles  [NOTE:  another source says d. 1812]
Suibil Dewey   d. Feb 1, 1807   Age 52y
Lydia Dewey   d. Mar 26, 1868   Age 33y   wife of Harvey
Harvey Dewey   d. Mar 3, 1771/1881  Age 73y
Abigail  C. Dewey   d. Mar 26, 1855  Age 51y   wife of Harvey
Lydia  M. Dewey   d. d. Mar 26, 1855  Age 33y   daughter of Harvey
John C. Dewey   d. Aug 27, 1841   Age 27y
Lacey? M. Dewey   d. Mar 29, 1841   Age 21y
John Dewey  d. Oct 1, 1827  Age 77y
Mindwell Dewey   d. Oct 22, 1834   Age 81y  
John Dewey   d. Feb 23, 1851   age 77y
Tirza Dewey   d. Sep 9, 1852   Age 79y   wife of John
Lydia Dewey   d. Dec 13, 1842   Age 30y   daughter of John & Tirza
Elizabeth Dewey   d. Jun/Nov 30, 1847   Age 43y   daughter of John & Tirza
Benjamin Dewey   d. Apr 6/16, 1865   Age 82y
Hannah Dewey   d. Jun 30, 1844   Age 62y   wife of Benjamin
Roger Dewey, Esq.   d. Jan 25, 1859   Age 81/87y
Susannah Dewey   d. Jan 26, 1857   Age 76y   wife of Roger
Laura  M. Dewey   d. Mar 29, 1841   Age 21y0
Abram M. Hayes   d. Apr 15, 1805   Age 33y  s/o Thomas & Anna W.

Susan Stilson   d. Dec 24, 1841   Age 28y   wife of Ansyl P.
Lyman Stilson   d. Jan 19, 1838   Age 12 days   son of Ansyl F. & Susan

Eunice Swift   d. Feb 23, 1847   Age 70y   wife of late Daniel Swift, Esq.
   (She died at Binghamton, NY)
Daniel Swift   d. Feb 14, 1825   Age 53y
George Riple Swift   d. Oct 10, 1808   2y6m     s/o Daniel & Eunice
Mary Ann Swift   d. Mar 25, 1805   2y6m    d/o Daniel & Eunice
Mary Swift  d. Dec 12, 1811   Age 31y   wife of Perez
Mary Swift   d. Feb 22, 1812   Age 4y   d/o Perez & Mary
George Swift   d. Mar 19, 1831   age 16y3m27d   son of David & Eunice

Peter PARSONS   d. Sep 12, 1811  Age 11y

Daniel _______   Nov 3, 1816-May 19, 1833   son of Dr. David & Dimid

Harvey Buell   Dec 22, 1800-Oct 10, 1854
Polly  Buell   Dec 8, 1803-Feb 28, 1872   wife of Harvey

Harry W. G._______  (might be Goodman?)

Eunice Hutchinson   d. Apr 13, 1811   Age 70y   wife of Samuel  [NOTE:  another source 
   says  Apr 13, 1814   age 70y

Joseph Waters   d. Jun 13, 1811   Age 63y
Lydia Waters   d. Dec 24, 1811  Age 91y  wife of Joseph  NOTE: another source says
   Dec 27, 1841  Age 91  late consort of Daniel T. Foote
Polly Waters   d. Jan 17, 1831/1881   Age 48y   daughter of Joseph & Lydia

Lydia Deming  d. Jul 10, 1857   No Age   wife of John   (widow of late John Wattles)

Lydia Bedient   d. Sep 1, 1829   Age 35y   wife of G. H. 

Matilda Thompson   d. Aug 2, 1853   Age 20y10m   wife of C. D.
Emerett Thompson   d. Aig 1, 1853  Age 2 months   daughter of C. D. & Matilda

Tehand Taylor   d. Jun 9, 1834  [NOTE:  another source says
   d. 1831  Age 74y]
Lydia Taylor   Dates Illegible   wife of Tehand
Asenath Taylor   d. Feb 3, 1844   Age 85y  [NOTE:  another source says 
   wife of Tehand]
Harry Taylor   d. May 17, 1876   Age 82y21d [NOTE:  another source says
   HARVEY Taylor  d. 1876]
Elizabeth Taylor   d. Apr 13, 1850   Age 56y   wife of Harry [NOTE: another source says
    d. 1856  wife of Harvey]

Daniel Waterman,  The Rev.   d. Dec 22, 1838   Age 46y
Mary  (Grant) Waterman   d. Jul 1838   age 42y   wife of Daniel
   Daughter of John & Thankful GRANT

John Hazen, Dr.    Feb 1, 1780-Jul 14, 1843  (1806 Yale Graduate)
    [NOTE:  another source says died Jul 11, 1813]
Wealthy Hazen   d. Aug 15, 1824   Age 56y   wife of John
Illegible stone on Hazen lot
Infant Hazen  (name unreadable)  child of John & Wealthy
Infant Hazen  (name unreadable)  child of John & Wealthy
    (both on same stone)

Elijah Tupper   d. Jul 6, 1818   Age __ y10m29d
Althea Tupper   d. May 29, 1823   Age 69y  wife of Elijah  [NOTE: another source
    says died OCT 4, 1823]
Betsey Tupper   d. May 29, 1826   Age 69y   Mother of Elijah

Grace Jonson   d. Jun 27, 1811  Age 84y   wife of Lawrence  [NOTE:  another source
   says June 21, 1841  Age 84]
3 illegible stones

Justice Preston   d. Dec 20, 1826  Age 18y  [NOTE:  another source says Age 48]

Sally Maria Minor   d. May 11, 1838   Age 31y  wife of George

Flora Foot  d. Oct 14, 1822   Age 26y  daughter of Stephen & Mary
Ichabod Foot   d. Feb 7, 1830   Age 83y [NOTE:  another source says d. 1820]

Nathaniel Vail   d. Mar 2, 1827   Age 25y13d  or 29y by another source

Thomas Maxon   d. Aug 2, 1831   Age 56y

William Ost______?  d. Jul 26, 1850  Age 23y

Joseph Merrick, Capt.   d. Oct 12, 1826  Age 89y  Rev. War Soldier
Deborah Merrick   d.  Oct 13, 1830   Age 89y
Gad Merrick   d. Nov 23/5, 1805  Age 41
Perez Merrick   d. Apr 8, 1832/3   Age 67y
Hannah Merrick   d. Apr 29, 1828/9   Age 59y   wife of Perez

Nathaniel McIntyre   d. Feb 14, 1851   Age 61y

Josias Kent   d. Nov 22, 1834   Age 30y

Ann Vantassle   d. Jul 8, 1852   Age 32y   wife of William
Philip VanTassel   d. Oct 25, 1850   Age 6m5d  son of William & Ann
Catherine A. VanTassel  d. Aug 27, 1853   Age 1y10m   daughter of  ?

Benjamin K. Kneeland   d. Oct 12, 1847   Age illegible
Hattie P. Kneeland   d. Sep 29, 1865   daughter of J. H. & Josephine

Harriet E. Thompson  d. Jun 14/17, 1850   Age 44y  wife of E. W. or D. W.

James Follett   d. Apr 22, 1837   Age 75y
Marlett Follett   d. Sep 19, 1846  Age 10y   daughter of Slumman & Mary

Mehitable Ford   d. Nov 27/25, 1838   Age 53y   wife of Isaac

Esther McCall   d. Mar 7, 1865   Age 84y

Eunice A. Peters   d. Feb 3, 1853   Age 20y   daughter of Phineas & Hannah

Elihu M. McAndrews   d. Feb 23, 1867   age 56y

Eunice Clark   d. Nov __ ___    wife of Roger
Nathan Clark   d. May 12, 1825   Age 35y

Aaron Halsey   d. Feb 15, 1872   Age 57y

Calvin Elmer   d. Apr 9/19, 1841   Age 23y   son of Calvin & Polly [NOTE:
   another source says son of Fanny & Calvin]
Polly Elmer   d. Mar/May 12, 1834   Age 51y

Pamelia Johnson   d. Jun 12, 1832   age 28y   wife of Jere

Wyman Parker , Capt.     d. May 19, 1821   Age 60/8y  Rev. War Soldier
Mercy Parker   d. Sep 25, 1840   Age 82   wife of Wyman [NOTE: another source says
   No Age ]

Peter Betts   Oct 1, 1739-Aug 10, 1807   Age 68y
Lydia Mary Betts   d. Jul 28, 1821   Age 17y   daughter of Wm. & Lydia
Amelia Ann Betts   d. Mar 8, 1832   Age 16y   daughter of Wm. & Lydia

Edwin A. Reed   d. Apr 26, 1879   Age 33y14d

Nathan Clark   d. May 12, 1825   Age 35y

Sally Maria Minor   d. May 11, 1832   age 31y   wife of George

Oliver O. Griswold  d. Dec 6, 1848   Age 52y [NOTE:  another source says
   d. Dec 3, 1842  Age 52y]
Miranda Griswold   d. May 6, 1870   Age 79y   wife of Oliver
Augusta J. Griswold   d. Aug 23, 1853  Age 12y6m  daughter
   of Oliver and Miranda

Isreal Williams   d. Oct 18, 1807   Age 44y

John Stanley  d. Sep 18, 1808  Age 29y

William Johnson   d. Jul 28, 1840   Age 75y

Polly Spoor   d. Feb 25/7, 1860/6   Age 77y10m   wife of David

Mary Ann Every   d. Apr 25, 1855   Age 26y   wife of George

Sally Noble   d. Apr 18, 1841   Age 65y   wife of Zadock
Zadock Noble   d. Mar 30, 1826   Age 53y

Abel Kent   d. Jun 21, 1827   Age 47y

Isreal Williams   d. Oct 18, 1807   Age 44y

Phebe L. Britton   d. Oct 10, 1827   Age 1y25d   daughter of Salmon & Amy

Peter Parsons. Esq.   d. Sep 12, 1814   no age given

Lydia Smith  d. Mar 16, 1820   Age 24y   wife of Abel

M______ Case   d. Oct 27, 1826   Age 52y   wife of Asa

Ebenezer Bennett   d. Feb 8, 1841   Age 92y
Ruth Bennett   d. Apr 20, 1806   Age 52y   wife of Ebenezer
Polly Bennett   d. Jan 8, 1815   Age 20y   daughter of Ebenezer
Mary L. Bennett   d. Aug 21, 1853   Age 6y2m   daughter of Reuben & Rachel
Rhoda Ann Bennett    d. Aug 17, 1853   Age 12y8m   daughter of Reuben & Rachel

Rachel (Smith) Plumley   d. Nov 15, 1871/1861   Age 28y 8m  dau. of Sylvester & Mary Smith
Sarah Smith   d. Sep 10, 1818   Age 67y   wife of Eliphalet
Rebecca Smith   d. Apr 5, 1812/9  Age 27y   wife of Isaac
Ray Smith   d. Dec 10, 1869  Age 69y

Ichabod Bartlett   d. Feb 11, 1862   Age 82y
Sally Bartlett   d. Jul 1, 1853   Age 76y   wife of Ichabod
Betsy Bartlett   d. Jul 2/21 1842   Age 37y
Sally B. Bartlett   d. Aug 20, 1836   Age 27y
Clarinda Bartlett   d. Jun 13, 1831  Age 22y
Juda Bartlett   d. Mar 25, 1828   Age 76y   Rev. War Soldier
Luna Bartlett   d. Nov 15, 1840   Age 82y   wife of Juda
Henry Bartlett   d. Aug 3, 1878   Age 79y

Solomon Allen   d. Nov 28, 1850   Age 85y
Mary Allen   d. Jul 5, 1850   Age 81y

William Northrop   d. Sep 12, 1875   age 74y
Amanda (FOOTE-AC) Northrop   d. Sep 19, 1884   Age 85y   wife of William
Otis Northrop   d. Aug 6, 1852  Age 17y  son
Elizabeth R. Northrop   d. Apr 15, 1836   daughter

David Benedict   d. Nov 27/29 1850   Age 79y
Hannah Benedict   d. May 3, 1849   Age 65y4m22d  wife of David
Hannah  M. Benedict   d. Jun 3, 1845   Age 24y   daughter of David & Hannah
Alfred Benedict   d. Mar 21, 1835   Age 6y2m   son of Edwin & Eliza
Allison Benedict   d. Mar 21, 1835   Age 1y   son of Edwin & Eliza

Eliphaz Loveland   d. Aug 28, 1823   Age 77y
Rachel Loveland   d. Jul 11, 1819   Age 69y   wife of Eliphaz
Mabola/Marola Loveland   d. Mar/Nov 5, 1817   Age 32/33y  wife of R.
_________ Loveland   d. Aug 28, 1825   daughter of Mary Loveland
Hezekiah K. Loveland   d. Apr 11, ____ Age 2y8m   son of Hezekiah & Hannah
Emily Loveland   d. Apr 3, 1826   Age 17y3m   daughter of David & Elizabeth

Aaron E. Halsey   d. Feb 15, 1872   Age 57y
Charles H. Halsey   d. Sep 30, 1848   Age 1y6m   son of Aaron & Harriet

Eunice Judrus?   d. Aug 1836   Age 47y   wife of James Judrus?
Daniel Waterbury, Rev.   d. Dec 22, 1838  Age 46y
Mary (Lewis) Waterbury   d. July 5, 1838   Age 42y   wife of Rev. Daniel

Emeline H. Hart   d. Jan 26, 1826  Age 33y   wife of Rev. I. A.

Robert E. Millard   d. Dec 1, 1845   Age 78y
Lydia Millard   d. Jul 25, 1843   Age 77y  wife of Robert 

James Freer   d. Feb 7, 1846  Age 8y10m

Eliza Niles   d. Dec 10, 1838   Age 26y   wife of Hibbard R.

Marcia L. Flynt   d. Nov. 17 ____  Age 5y5m  dau. of James & Mary

Harriett J. Miller   d. Jan 30, 1851   Age 16y7m   daughter of John J. & Caroline

Eunice A. Beers   d. Feb 3, 1853   Age 20y4m8d   daughter of Phineas & Hannah

Jedediah Elderkin   d. Sep 19, 1819   Age 3y   son of Jede & Eunice

George Brown   d. May 10, 1848   Age 10 months   son of William & Caroline

Martha Kell  d. Feb 1847   Age 55y   wife of Samuel

Additions and/or corrections:

Capt. Wm. Wheat [how the stone reads] and Polly, His Wife [how the stone reads, but over the years it has deteriorated severely, so it's barely discernible] Sally [Whitney] Goodfellow

Correction sent in by Dan Touse
I have the same death date for Lyman, but have his birth recorded as 2 Oct 1837.
Ansyl Stilson's middle name was Ford, so listing should show Ansyl F Stilson. There may have been a transcription error, though it certainly is not unheard of for stones to be carved with errors.
For background info
Ansyl Ford Stilson b 30 Sept 1813, W Meredith, to Nathan, Jr & Sophia Ford Stilson; d 12 Feb 1857, Franklin; he m 30 Dec 1835 at Franklin, to Susan Dewey, b 16 Oct 1813, Franklin; d 24 Dec 1841, Franklin.

Additional info from Annette Campbell
John B. Northup visited this cemetery about 10 years ago. He is my Northup/rup/rop guru and I have his 3" thick workbook on all branches of the family [he never found any trace of my Gilbert's parents either :( ] However, he lists the following for the cemetery behind the school in Franklin. He wasn't sure of the correct name.
Wellington Northup 19 Jun 1824-1868
Susan Northup Sept. 1857- d/o Wellington & Eunice
Eunice Northup 21 Apr. 1823-1873 w/o Wellington. d/o Eliphaz & Desire Bartlett Loveland

Another place on the net I have seen where Wellington Northup was J. Wellington. I have no idea who Wellington belonged to, but there is a William and Amanda Foote Northrop buried here and William is known to us to be a Northup family member, born 1801. This Northup family descend from Stephen, 1645 of RI and is the one who settled in Franklin and Otego abt 1803. I think my Gilbert is a member of this family. It's always seemed strange to me that members of this family "picked up" the rup and rop ending to thier name just before 1800, but possibly coming from Connecticut where the other Northrup family was from and seeing it spelt that way decided it was the right way. This other Northrup family descend from Joseph Northrup of Milford CT 1639, a completely different family from Stephen's, and many of this family lived around Delhi, Andes, etc. --Annette

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