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Mary S. Briggs, Historian for the Town of Davenport has given us permission to transcribe the Cemetery Guide edited by The Davenport Historical Society, Davenport Center, NY. The Davenport Center Cemetery compilation was taken from this guide.

Submitted by Collin Haight, March 17, 2000


The Davenport Center Cemetery is located on the south side of Route 23 west of Davenport Center. Keep a sharp eye out for it. It has a driveway and is well accessible. At one time this cemetery was abandoned and overgrown, but since then it had been taken care of. There are many unmarked, sunken graves.

photos by Joyce Riedinger, July 2014

Latitude:42.442222242° 26' 32.0"N Longitude:-74.923611174° 55' 25.0"W

NAME                               BORN         DIED         AGE          PLOT    NOTES
AMATUCCI, Carmine                               04/08/1912   20y                                                                    
ANDREWS, Lydia                                  02/19/1843   38y-11m-0d   N4-E1   Wife of Hiram Andrews                             
ANDREWS, Clarissa                               10/11/1869   79y          N4-E1   Wife of Philo                                     
ANDREWS, Philo                                  06/16/1853   81y          N4-E1                                                     
BANNER, Jacob                                   05/27/1853   69y          S4-E2                                                     
BANNER, Patience                                05/21/1864   81y          S4-E2   Wife of Jacob                                     
BANNER, Adelia M.                               06/29/1858   36y-2m-16d   N1-W3   Wife of Hiram Banner                              
BANNER, John                                    03/16/1843   66y                                                                    
BROWN, Julia see Crawford                                                                                                           
BUTTS, Abraham Jr.                              05/05/1853   28y          N3-E3                                                     
BUTTS, Harry J.                                 09/02/1891   8m-11d                                                                 
BUTTS, John S.                                  10/10/1859   26y          N3-E3                                                     
CHABLER, ?                                                                        Stone Unreadable                                  
COUCHMAN, Mary H. Miller                        06/13/1887   42y-2m-13d   N3-E4   Wife of Rev. Milo Couchman                        
COWLEY, Esther                                  09/29/1848   33y-2m-1d    N2-W1   Wife of Samuel B.                                 
CRAFT, Daniel P.                   03/30/1848   07/02/1864                        Co I-144th, NY VOL. Brother-Stephen d. Hilt. Hd.  
CRAFT, Phebe A.                    10/14/1845   01/08/1848                S2-W4                                                     
CRAFT, Eliz Flanzburgh             06/24/1827   08/16/1910                S2-W4   Wife of Stephen                                   
CRAFT, Stephen                     07/21/1808   04/04/1877                S2-W4                                                     
CRAWFORD, Florence                              05/30/1858   6m-5d        S3-W2   Daughter of Dexter & Deborah                      
CRAWFORD, Frank M.                              02/20/1867   10m-12d      S3-W2   Son of G.C. & D.J. Crawford                       
CRAWFORD, Margaret                              12/31/1852   29y          S4-W2                                                     
CRAWFORD, Harriet                               03/09/1902   76y-8m-4d    S3-W1   Daughter of Samuel & Julia                        
CRAWFORD, Julia Brown                           06/25/1884   84y          S3-W2   Wife of Samuel                                    
CRAWFORD, Labina                                06/08/1903   68y          S3-W1   Daughter of Samuel & Julia                        
CRAWFORD, Samuel                                09/06/1876   77y          S3-W1                                                     
CRISPEL, Marian see Quackenbush                                                                                                     
CROFT, Harry                                    05/26/1888   5y-8m-0d                                                               
DAUCY, Ely                                      06/17/1885   51y                                                                    
DEFOREST, John                     02/04/1848   07/31/1914   66y-5m-2d    S1-W3                                                     
DENEND, Elizabeth                               01/27/1848   93y          S1-E2   Wife of Ezra                                      
DENEND, Ezra                                    02/02/1845   95y          S1-E2                                                     
DENEND, Ezra                                    10/17/1859   46y          N1-W3                                                     
DENEND, Julia                                   01/23/1862   17y          N1-W3   Daughter of Ezra & Minerva                        
DENEND, Minerva Foote                           04/19/1892   72y-9m-?             Wife of Ezra                                      
DENEND, William                                 02/15/1866   78y          S1-E2                                                     
DENEND, William D.                              12/04/1847   8y           S1-E1   Son of William & Rosanna                          
DEXTER, Ida                                     02/14/1865   3y-22d               Daughter of Ward & Zerua                          
DIBBLE, J. Spencer                              03/01/1862   24y-1m-25d   S1-W4                                                     
DUNHAM, Mary H.                                 08/13/1868   31y          S4-W1   Wife of Rodney                                    
DUNHAM, Rodney                     11/04/1807   01/06/1885   77y-2m-0d    S4-W1                                                     
FIGGER, Hetty                                                             S4-E2                                                     
FIGGER, John                                    12/23/1891   74y-11m-25d  S4-E2                                                     
FLANSBURGH, Elizabeth see Craft                                                                                                     
FOOT, Eugene M.                                 06/27/1849   4m-12d       S4-E2                                                     
FOOTE, Bethuel                                  03/29/1844   56y          N1-W3   Wife of Currence S.                               
FOOTE, Currence S.                              09/19/1878   84y          N1-W2                                                     
FRAYER, Vernon                                  11/18/1910   30y-8m-0d    N4-W2                                                     
FRAYER, Vernon                                  08/04/1867   12y                                                                    
GOODRICH, Maria                                 06/29/1867   34y                  Wife of Andrus Goodrich                           
GRANT, Adaline                                  11/06/1877   52y          S2-E2   Daughter of William & Elizabeth                   
GRANT, Elizabeth                                05/03/1853   64y-17d      S2-E1   Wife of William Grant                             
GRANT, Mary C.                                  02/13/1882   61y-7m-7m    N3-W3   Wife of William T.                                
GRANT, William T.                               09/13/1891   77y          S2-E1                                                     
GREENE, Abigail Barker                          04/24/1898   45y                                                                    
HANFORD, Sarah see Hebbard                                                                                                          
HEBBARD, Henry C.                               10/11/1906   87y-5m-5d    N3-E5   Son of Nathaniel H.                               
HEBBARD, Horace                    06/12/1806   06/09/1883                N2-E4                                                     
HEBBARD, Samantha Hoyt             12/12/1805   12/20/1875                N2-E4   1st Wife of Horace                                
HEBBARD, Thankful M. Hoyt          1809         09/04/1891   80y          N2-E4   2nd Wife of Horace                                
HEBBARD, Agnes Montgomery          1839         09/16/1907   68y-5m-13d   N2-E4   2nd Wife of Rodney L.                             
HEBBARD, Ella M.                   1861         1882                              Daughter of Rodney L. & Sarah A. Hanford Hebbard  
HEBBARD, Etta M.                   1869         1886                      N2-E4   Daughter of Rodney L. & Sarah A. Hanford Hebbard  
HEBBARD, Rodney L.                 07/11/1930   07/23/1906                N2-E4   Son of Horace, Killed by bull                     
HEBBARD, Sarah A. Hanford          10/05/1834   08/01/1875                N2-E4   1st Wife of Rodney L. Hebbard                     
HEBBARD, Walter N.                 1859         1882                              Son of Rodney L. & Sarah A. Hebbard               
HEBBARD, Alice M.                               05/18/1871   27y          N3-E5   Wife of N.H.                                      
HEBBARD, N. (Nathaniel) H.                      07/06/1872   38y          N3-E5                                                     
HOUGHTALING, Jacob M.              1845         03/08/1908   65y-6m-15d   S4-E4                                                     
HOYT, Samantha see Hebbard                                                                                                          
HOYT, Thankful see Hebbard                                                                                                          
JACOBS, Happy                                   10/15/1864   73y          N3-W2   Wife of Orrin Jacobs                              
JACOBS, Myrteon                                 06/24/1828                N3-W3   Son of W. & G.M. Jacobs                           
JACOBS, Almira                                  03/06/1867   15y-6m-16d   N3-W3   Daughter of Freeborn & E. Selina                  
JACOBS, Charles                                 03/03/1853   9y           N3-W3   Son of Freeborn & E. Selina                       
JACOBS, E. Selina                               04/22/1853   31y-8m-0d    N3-W2   Wife of Freeborn G.                               
JACOBS, Freeborn G.                             04/04/1853   43y-6m-0d    N3-W2                                                     
JONES, ?                                        01/30/1849   4m-6d        N2-W1   Infant son of Arial & Celina Jones                
KENYON, Charles J.                 07/31/1894   10/17/1894                S3-W4   Son of C.A. & M.E.                                
KENYON, Clarence E.                09/22/1892   12/25/1892                S3-W4   Son of C.A. & M.E.                                
KENYON, James L.                   07/31/1894   10/17/1894                S3-W4   Son of C.A. & M.E.                                
KENYON, Smith                      1816         1876                      S3-W4                                                     
KENYON, Statira Webb               1816         1876                      S3-W4   Wife of Smith, Mother of James Kenyon             
KROFFT, George                                  09/09/1846   86y          N1-E2                                                     
KROFFT, Hannah                                  11/07/18??   85y          N1-E2                                                     
LYON, George W.                                 10/18/1869   29y-6m-10d   S1-W2                                                     
LYON, James                                     05/24/1882   88y-10m-0d   S1-E1                                                     
MANFIELD, Caroline                              12/20/1842   39y-10m-2d   N2-E1   Wife of Jesse Manfield                            
MARBLE, Catherie Moot                           03/03/1845   51y          N2-E2   Wife of Robert                                    
MARBLE, Dewit H.                                09/07/1851   14y          N2-E3   Son of Fredrick & Polly Marble                    
MARBLE, Malissa A.                              06/26/1850   10y          N2-E2   Daughter of Frederick & Polly Marble              
MARBLE, Orrin                                   04/30/1850   3y           N2-E2   Daughter of Frederick & Polly Marble              
McLAURY, Ellen M.                               09/01/1888   73y-9m-0d    S3-W2   Wife of Thomas                                    
McLAURY, Thomas K.                              03/28/1871   72y-9m-0d    S3-W2                                                     
McNEIL, Catherine                                                                 Daughter of Sherman & Christina - See Shafer      
MEYER, Louis Frederick             06/13/1895   07/27/1943                                                                          
MILLER, Elizabeth                  04/21/1918   04/21/1918   40min                                                                  
MILLER, Ezekial                                 01/01/1880   78y          N3-E4                                                     
MILLER, Manley W.                               06/11/1862   21y                                                                    
MILLER, Mary H. see Couchman                                                                                                        
MILLER, Melvin J.                               05/15/1871   30y          N3-E4                                                     
MILLER, Moses B.                                03/01/1865   37y          N4-E5                                                     
MILLER, Nancy                                   01/14/1868   24y                                                                    
MILLER, Orson E.                                02/01/1862   2y-7m-18d    N4-E5   Son of Joe & ? Miller                             
MILLER, William Henry                           02/02/1896   16y-3m-21d           Son of John & Jane                                
MILLER, Zephaniah                               02/28/1850   81y-0m-12d   N2-W3                                                     
MILLER, Roxana                                  09/01/1863   32y-9m-15d   4-5                                                       
MITCHELL, Ida L.                                04/13/1871   9y-7m-10d    N2-W3   Daughter of James & Lorinda                       
MONTGOMERY, Agnes see Hebbard                                                                                                       
MOON, Micajah                                   09/06/1853   27y-5m-0d    S1-E4                                                     
MOON, Betsey                                    01/29/1869   58y-16d      S1-E4   Wife of William                                   
MOON, Polly                                     06/12/1853   17y-2m-15d   S1-E4   Daughter of William & Betsey                      
MOON, William                                   03/15/1895   90y-3m-28d   S1-E3                                                     
MOOT, Catherine see Marble                                                                                                          
MORRISON, Charley                               08/04/1867   12y-1m-25d   N4-W2   Son of Peter & Jane Morrison                      
MURPHY, Matilda                                 05/04/1845   31y          N1-W2   Wife of Timothy Murphy                            
MURPHY, Mary                                    10/20/1861   78y-6m-0d    S1-W1   Wife of Timothy Murphy, "The Indian Killer"       
MUSLIN, Lilli                                   1832                                                                                
NICHOLS, ?                                      03/11/1921                        Infant, stillborn                                 
OLIVER, Sarah Louise               03/12/1923   04/04/1923   22d                                                                    
ORR, Agnes                                      01/02/1846   56y          N1-W2   Wife of Corbit                                    
ORR, Corbit                                     07/22/1855   83y          S1-W1                                                     
PAINE, Julia M.                                 10/18/1868   32y          S3-W2                                                     
PAINE, Abijah                                   10/28/1851   78y          S3-W2                                                     
PAINE, Annis                                    03/07/1867   77y          S3-W3   Wife of Abijah                                    
PAINE, Julia A.                                 04/13/1836   12y          S3-W2   Daughter of Abijah & Elizabeth                    
PAINE, Emily Wells                              05/01/1892   82y-10m-2d   S4-W3   Wife of George C.                                 
PAINE, George C.                                06/01/1857   48y          S4-W2                                                     
PALMER, Eliza                                   10/12/1852   19y          S1-W4                                                     
PASSARO, Maria Amatucci                         04/08/1912   25y                                                                    
PECK, Wellington                                11/10/1891   73y-7m-?d                                                              
QUACKENBUSH, John                  08/15/1818   09/07/1895                S1-E4                                                     
QUACKENBUSH, Maria Ann Crispell    10/21/1819   03/01/1899                S1-E4   Wife of John                                      
REYNOLDS, Henry                                 10/26/1856   65y-9m-26d   S3-E4                                                     
REYNOLDS, Myrtle                                11/24/1858   4y           S3-E4                                                     
REYNOLDS, William H.                            05/20/1882   50y-11m-18d  S4-E4                                                     
ROW, Amanda                                     03/17/1866   55y-11m-0d   N3-W2   Wife of Dr. William Roe                           
ROWE, Hulda A.                                  03/24/1867   25y-10m-16d  N2-W4   Daughter of Harmon & Christina                    
ROWE, Christina                                 01/08/1872   64y          N2-W3   Wife of Harmon                                    
ROWE, Harmon                                    09/03/1879   74y-3m-0d    N2-W3                                                     
SHAFER, Anna                                    06/17/1839   69y-7m-0d    N1-E1   Wife of Peter                                     
SHAFER, Caroline                                03/24/1848   2y-1m-6d     N1-E1   Daughter of Frederick & Diana                     
SHAFER, Catherine                               05/24/1850   11y          S1-E2   Daughter of Sherman & Christina McNeil Shafer     
SHAFER, Eve                                     04/07/1843   32y-3m-7d    N1-E1                                                     
SHAFER, John                                    06/06/1824   24y          N1-E1                                                     
SHAFER, John S.                                 06/10/1830   28y          N1-E2                                                     
SHAFER, Peter                                   12/29/1830                N1-E2                                                     
SHAVER, Eve                                     04/07/1843   32y-3m-7d                                                              
SHUE, John                                      02/19/1850   41y          N2-E1                                                     
SIMMONS, Horatio S.                             02/10/1870   5m           N3-W4   Son of Marvin & Margaret                          
SIMMONS, Marvin S.                              03/05/1893   9m           N3-W3                                                     
SIMONSON, Garret                                06/12/1862   71y          N4-E5                                                     
SIMONSON, Lydia                                 10/24/1888   86y          N4-E4   Wife of Garret                                    
SMITH, ?                                        05/12/1851   2m           S2-E2   Infant Son                                        
SMITH, Andrew                      1801         1859                      N1-E2                                                     
SMITH, Catherine                   05/27/1807   12/02/1877                S3-E2                                                     
SMITH, Dora                                     05/09/1869   2m-10d       N1-E4   Daughter of Martha Smith                          
SMITH, Edward                                   03/15/1885   46y          S4-W1                                                     
SMITH, Eliza A.                                 06/01/1879   74y-4m-3d    N1-E3                                                     
SMITH, Frances II                               08/17/1848   1y-8m-0d     N2-W2   Son of George & Julia Smith                       
SMITH, George                                                43y          N2-W2                                                     
SMITH, Hermance                    04/18/1807   10/27/1877                S3-E2                                                     
SMITH, Ira                                      09/11/1869   48y-5m-5d    S3-E2                                                     
SMITH, Michael                                  08/19/1888   52y          S4-W1                                                     
SMITH, John                                     07/14/1864   70y-8m-15d   S1-E2                                                     
SMITH, Philanda                                 07/09/1851   74y-8m-15d   S1-E2   Wife of John                                      
SMITH, Hiram                                    02/15/1880   74y-10m-0d   S3-E2                                                     
SMITH, Julia Ann                                06/02/1852   11y-16d      S3-E2   Daughter of Hiram & Olive                         
SMITH, Olive J. McLean                          09/14/1894   78y          S3-E2   Wife of Hiram                                     
SMITH, Catherine                   1843         1849                      N2-W2   Daughter of Jeremiah & Mary                       
SMITH, Jeremiah                    1812         12/15/1887   75y-5m-2d    N2-W2                                                     
SMITH, Mary                        1811         1883                      N2-W2   Wife of Jeremiah                                  
SMITH, Daniel C.                                03/06/1881   66y-8m-24d   S3-W1                                                     
SMITH, Nancy Ann                                03/25/1861   40y-8m-24d   S3-W1   Wife of Daniel C. Smith                           
SPERRY, ?? see note below                                                       Son of ??                                         
STEVENS, Florence                               12/27/1907   1d                                                                     
STUPKU, ??                                      11/13/1914                        Infant boy, stillborn                             
TALMADGE, ??                                    04/12/1907                        Infant, stillborn                                 
UTTER, Alice S.                                 03/20/1861   2y           S3-W4   Somewhat unreadable                               
UTTER, Frances L.                               03/12/1864                S3-W4   Sister of Alice, is not Utter, Reynolds?          
UTTER, Jesse                       01/11/1823   06/20/1905                S3-W4                                                     
UTTER, Nancy P. Webb               03/25/1820   08/26/1893                S3-W4   Wife of Jesse Utter                               
WARD, Dexter                       1836         06/02/1911   75y-10m-17d  N4-W2   Co I, 144th Reg., NY VOL. Infantry                
WARD, Ida                                       02/14/1865   34y          N4-W2                                                     
WEBB, Nancy P. see Utter                                                                                                            
WEBB, Statira see Kenyon                                                                                                            
WELLS, Emily see Paine                                                                                                              
WELLS, Julia                                    01/26/1869   57y          S3-W3                                                     
WOLFE, Lorinda                                  12/28/1893   55y-7m-1d    N2-W3                                                     
WOLFE, Ophelia                                  07/05/1909   59y-5m-5d    N2-W3                                                     
SPERRY NOTE: Could this be Sperry Every b. 29 Jan 1847 died 17 Oct 1848? I took this info from Town Clerk Records. He was the son of Jehiel and Mary Every. --Patricia Every

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