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Town of Meredith

42° 23' 31.764" N

74° 58' 40.422" W

529.00 m

The Houghtaling Hollow Cemetery is located at the intersection of Houghtaling Hollow Road and Monkey Run Road.

photos by Joyce Riedinger 2015

Mary S. Briggs, Historian for the Town of Davenport has given us permission to transcribe the Cemetery Guide edited by The Davenport Historical Society, Davenport Center, NY. The following cemetery compilation was taken from this guide. --Collin Haight, March 18, 2000

NAME                     BORN          DIED           AGE          NOTES
COUSE, Dorcas                          05/20/1882     105y-11m-9d  Wife of Hontice Couse
CRAWFORD, James                        04/04/1832      71y
CRAWFORD, Mary                         05/04/1843      83y          Wife of James Crawford
CRAWFORD, Mary                         04/12/1871      11y          Daughter of James & Mary
CRAWFORD, Robert I.                    02/05/1850(59)               Son of James & Mary
CRAWFORD, Rebecca                      05/10/1870      73y          Wife of Robert Crawford
CRAWFORD, Robert                       01/13/1867      78y
HANSEN, Athildred                      28 J.. 1825     38y          Wife of Peter Hansen
HANSEN, Peter                          01/26/1845      68y
HOUGHTALING, C.H.                                                   Field stone with initials near Jackson H.
HOUGHTALING, J.H.                                                   Field stone with initials near Jackson H.
HOUGHTALING, James                     05/17/1871      76y
HOUGHTALING, Martha                    02/26/1881      68y-0m-12d   Wife of James Houghtaling

HOUGHTALING, Jane                      12/15/1862      28y-1m-5d    Wife of C.W. Goodrich

HOUGHTALING, P.H.                                                   Field stone with initials near Jane H.
HOUGHTALING, Ann Eliza                 09/26/1873      67y          Wife of Henry Houghtaling
HOUGHTALING, Henry                     05/01/1893      90y
HOUGHTALING, Jane                      04/10/1888      73y          Wife of Henry Hougtaling, name on same stone
HOUGHTALING, Harriett                  05/15/1887      48y          Wife of Jackson Houghtaling
HOUGHTALING, Jackson                   01/19/1891      58y

Restoring lost cemeteries in Meredith has always been a high priority for me. The Houghtaling Hollow Cemetery is one that has been totally overgrown numerous times, but we recently got it cleaned out. Bernice Graham Telian, Historian, Town of Meredith, October 27, 2002

(located on Houghtaling Hollow, close to the road)

Couse, Dorcas, wife of Hortice Couse, died May-20-1882, 105 y, 11 m, 24 d Born 5-27-1777
Crawford, Rebecca, wife of Robert Crawford, died May 10 1870, 73 y
Crawford, Robert, died January 13 1887 in his 78th year
Crawford, Mary, wife of James Crawford, died May 20 1843, age 83 y
Crawford, James, died April 4 1832, age 71 y
Crawford, Robert I, son of James & Mary Crawford, died February 5 1850 or 59. Age 5 y
Crawford, Mary Diette (?), daughter of James & Mary Crawford, died April 12 1871 in her 11th year
Goodrich, Jane Houghtaling, wife of C. W. Goodrich, died December 15 1862, 28y, 1m, 5d
Fieldstone with initials J. H.
Fieldstone with initials P. H.
Hanson, Peter, died January 26 1845, 68 y
Hanson, Athildred, wife of Peter Hanson, died J. 28, 1825 in her 38th year
Houghtaling, Jackson, died January 19 1891, 58 y
Houghtaling, Harriett, wife of Jackson Houghtaling, died May 15 1867, 48 y
Fieldstone with initials: C. H.
Houghtaling, Henry, Deacon died May 1 1893, 90 y
Houghtaling, Jane, his wife, died April 10 1888
Houghtaling, Ann Eliza, wife of Henry Houghtaling, died Sept 26 1873, 67y
Houghtaling, James, died May 17 1871, 76 y
Houghtaling, Martha, wife of James Houghtaling, died Feb. 26 1881, 68 y 12 d

A G.G.G. Granddaughter of Sarah found this headstone of Dibble, Sarah Paterson just under the earth. Apr 28, 2003

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