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The Ferguson Family Cemetery is located on private property in Fergusonville, on the north side of CR 9 opposite the Fergusonville Academy. We spoke with the owner of the property and he graciously showed us the burying ground at the top of a knoll behind his residence. Other good news is that he intends to restore the grounds and re-build the encircling fence this summer. After that is accomplished, we will have some up-to-date photos to share. --Joyce Riedinger, April 3, 2017

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Emily A. Jayne Oliver

Rev. Sanford Ferguson

Sarah J. Ferguson 2yrs
Frederick S. Ferguson 1yr

Sanford C. Ferguson 2yrs

Hannah Ann Ferguson
Frances Civill

Ellen F. Jayne

Hannah Ann Jayne Ferguson

Rev. Samuel Ferguson

Nancy Ferguson

Rev. William Henry

Jessie Oliver and Nellie Oliver
Compilation Courtesy of Collin Haight, March 12, 2000 - Photos by Joyce Riedinger March 30, 2017

NAME                               BIRTH       DEATH       AGE          PLOT   NOTES

CIVILL, M. Francis                             06/30/1849  14y                 Drowned
FERGUSON, Hannah Ann                           06/30/1849  14y                 Drowned
FERGUSON, Nancy                                04/18/1859  55y-6m-26d   N4-E3
FERGUSON, Adeline P. Winghel       11/19/1812  01/01/1899               N4-E4  Wife of Reverend Sanford Ferguson
FERGUSON, Frederick S.                         05/17/1850  1y-2m-26d    N1-E4  Son of Sanford and Adeline
FERGUSON, Sanford, Reverend        07/14/1816  02/19/1892               N4-E4  Son of James, wife of Adeline P.
FERGUSON, Sarah J.                             09/15/1846  2y-4m-27d    N1-E4  Daughter of Sanford & Adeline
FERGUSON, Hannah Ann Jayne                     01/29/1878  74y          N4-E3  Wf of Rev. Samuel Dunshee Ferguson
FERGUSON, Samuel Dunshee                       12/30/1855  57y-10m-27d  N4-E3  Son of James, Husband of Hannah Ann
FERGUSON, Nellie L.                            05/08/1884  30y-6m-0d    N1-E4  Wife of Charles S
FERGUSON, Sanford C.                           11/20/1881  2y-6m-0d     N1-E5  Son of Charles S. & Nellie L.
HENRY, Jane Ferguson               05/01/1805  07/07/1869               N4-E1  Wife of Reverend William
HENRY, William, Rev.               09/04/1796  07/30/1883               N4-E1
JAYNE, Ellen F.                                10/14/1851  36y-6m-0d    N5-E5  Wife of Walter P.
OLIVER, Emily A. Jayne                         01/19/1881  43y-7m-0d    N1-E3  Wife of James
OLIVER, Jessie                                 11/01/1864  3y-4m-0d     N1-E3  Daughter of James & Emily
OLIVER, Nellie                                 07/19/1864  1y-5y-0d     N1-E3  Daughter of James & Emily


found the following on the Internet at:

Joyce Note: obvious error in MA given as State for Davenport instead of NY.

Melancholy.--Two young ladies of the Charlotte Seminary, at Davenport, Mass., and a Mr. Strain, were drowned at that place recently. The girls, with two others, were taken from a bath house by a lad of 16, and while crossing a pond, one of them rocked the boat so that it filled with water. They supported themselves by holding on to its sides while the lad swam ashore for help, when Mr. Strain swam out to them. Two fastened themselves to his clothes, and when about fifteen feet from the shore he exclaimed, 'Oh, my back!' and sunk with his charge. The others were saved, as all would have been, had not Mr. Strain gone to their aid. He had a lame back and was probably seized by cramp. He has left a wife and eight children. The parent's of the girls, Messrs. Ferguson and Cirill, reside in New York.
Liberator, Boston, MA 20 Jul 1849

as found on this website at: 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS

Schedule 3 - Persons Who Died During the Year Ending 1st June 1850, Delaware County, New York

Ferguson Hannah Ann 15 F NY Jul drowned ---

Civil Frances 15 F NY Jul drowned ---

transcribed from their tombstone by Joyce Riedinger

Weep not for them – They are angels now,
And tread the sapphire floors of Paradise,
All darkness wiped from their refulgent brow,
Sin, sorrow. suffering, banished from their eyes;
Victorious over death, to them appears:
The vista'd joys of heaven's eternal years!

Weep not for them

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