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Submitted by Alan Malz, June 15, 2001

Surragates Court Delaware County

In the Matter of this Administration of the Goods, Chattels and
Credits of James E. Signor Deceased

To Wm. Murray for Surrogate of the County of Delaware. The petitioner of John Signor of the town of Colchester, Delaware County, respectfully showeth that he is the father of James E. Signor late of the town of Colchester, deceased. That the said James E. Signor died while serving in the Army of the United States at or near the City of Petersburg in the State of Virginia, on or about the 24th day of March 1865 died intestate leaving personal property in the County of Delaware as your petitioner verily believes. That said deceased did not leave any last will and testament to the knowledge informationian as belief of the petitioner. That said deceased died ------------ of certain personal property in the State of New York the value whereof does not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars as the petitioner is informed and believes true ------- petitioner further showeth that said intestate at his death was a resident of the County of Delaware, that your petitioner is of full age. He prays that the Letters of Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of the said intestate may be granted to him in purduance of the Statute in such cases made and foursaid. And your petitioner will ----- forsay.
Dated this 15th day of March AD 1866

s//John Signor

Statement New York

File April 16, 1866 Wm. Murray.

County of Delaware Surrogates Court

In the matter of the administration of the goods,
chattels and credits of Albert Signor Deceased

To Edwin D. Wagner,
Surrogate of the county of Delaware

The petition of Zillah Signor of the town of Walton in said County Respectfully shows that she is the widow of Albert Signor late of this county of Delaware Deceased.

That she said that Albert Signor Died a natural Death and Died intestate as your petitioner nicely declares on the 19th day of November 1874.

That your petitioner has made diligent search and inquiry for a will of the said deceased and has not found any or obtained an information that he left or ever made one.

That your petitioner has to the best of her ability estimated and ascertained that the value of the personal property of which the said Deceased Died profited and that the same does not exceed thirty eight hundred Dollars.

That the said Deceased left kindred entitled to his estate whose Names and places of Residences are as follows To wit, Travis T. Signor and Lucinda Rutherford who resides in Colchester in said county, Phebe Hitt and Melifra Signor who reside in Walton in said county. His only surviving children and William Brown who resides at _________ in the state of _________. Walter Brown who resides at Athens in the state of Pennsylvania and Ealeanor Finch and Elizabeth Brown and Arthur Brown who reside at Ellenville in the county of Orange and the State of New York. Children of Jane Brown Deceased who was a Daughter of said intestate, and William E. Sewell and Ida b. Sewell who reside at Sidney in said county of Delaware, children of Celenda Sewell a Daughter of said Intestate. The said Ida B. Sewell being a minor fourteen years of age who resides with William H. Sewell her father at Sidney foursaid and having no general guardian.

That the said Albert Signor at or immediately previous to his death was an inhabitant of the town of Walton in said county of Delaware. That the petitioner is of full age and that she is the informed and believes that the Surrogate of the County of Delaware has sole and exclusive power to Grant Letters of Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of the said intestate.

She therefore prays that such Letters may be granted to Albert H. Sewell who is the competent person and with whom your petitioner would have been entitled to be joined in the administration. But being of great age is not serious of taking when herself the Burdens of such Administration.

According to the statute in such case made and provided and your petitioner Renounces her right to administration as aforesaid and consent that said Albert H. Sewell be appointed as administrator.
Dated November 23rd 1874 .... s// Zillah Signor
Delaware County ss,

x T. T. Signor (mark made)

On this day 23rd day of November 1874 personally appeared Zillah Signor the petitioner named in the forgoing petition who being by me sworn Did Defour and say that she had read the fourgoing petition by her subscribed and knew the contents thereof and that the same was true of her own knowledge excepting as to the matters therein stated on her information and belief and as to thou matters she believe it to be true.

M W Marrvine
Notary Public

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