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This is an early will, 1808, and mentions several daughter's names (daughters spelled "Dafters" in the will). People who are looking for female ancestors may pick up some possibilities here. I have not changed spelling, punctuation or capitalization in my transcription. --Pam Frederic, December 5, 2001

JENNINGS, Peter - Stamford B-20 Delaware County, NY

A Copy of the Will of Peter Jennings Deceased -

In the name of God Amen I Peter Jennings of Stamford, NY Delaware County Being weak in Body but of sound memory Blessed be God on this twenty Ninth Day of March one thousand eight hundred and eight make and Publish this my last Will and Testament in Manner following that is to say; First I Give to my Son Peter one third Part of my landed Property and to have and to hold free of all Debts and Demands and the other two thirds of my landed property I give to Eben with buildings standing thereon with this reserve that my Dafter Sally shall have a right to the Buildings as long as she shall Remain Single so as to make her home in the same and Likewise I Give in this my Last will and testament My Dafter Sally one Bed and furniture Clear and above the Rest of my Dafter's. I give to my Wife one third part of all my Land and all other Property as Long as She Shall live also I give and bequeath to my Dafter Ellen fourteen pounds ten schillings which term is part in furniture before this time and I give to my Dafter Polley Likewise fourteen Pounds ten Schillings which is payed in part Eight pounds fourteen Shellings is payed and five Pounds Sixteen Shillings to be Rmt after my Decease. I give to my Dafter Betsy fourteen pounds ten Shellings which the pas Rmt Six Pounds of Sum time Past in furniture and is to receive at my Decease Eight pounds ten Shillings and I give to my Dafter Deborah at my Decease fourteen Pounds ten Shillings in Part furniture and I Give to my Dafter Sally fourteen Pounds ten Schillings to be haved at my Decease out of Property and to have all my household property and farming tools and stock to Equally Divided among my Children - In Witness whereas The Said Peter Jennings have to this my last will and testament Set my hand and seal this 29th Day of March 1808---

Peter Jennings
in presence of
Joshua Webster
Walter Lyon
John Redfield

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