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I transcribed the wills exactly as they were such as spelling and punctuation, there were a few words that I just could not make out. --Sandra Townsend, August 6, 2001

Last Will and Testament of Henry Wooden

I, Henry Wooden do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner and form following. viz. I give and bequeath to my dear wife Hannah all my estate both real and personal, except so much as will be sufficient to pay my debts, for her to hold & use as long as she shall live and after she shall die I further ordain that my estate shall be equally divided among my lawful heirs, their heirs administrators or assigned. I do further ordain that Ferris Burr son of my daughter Ester shall share equal with the other heirs, and I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Hannah Wooden an Executrix and Russel Wooden and Isaac Covert executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me at any other time hertofore made.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty first day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty three.

Signed Henry Wooden (L.S. initials in circle next to name)

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Testator Henry Wooden as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnessed thereto in presence of the said Testator, this twenty first day of March 1843.

Richard Morse
Silas Sitchler
Smith Yaple
(Residents of Andes, Delaware County, New York)

Petition to the Will of Henry Woodin

To NELSON K. WHEELER, Surrogate of the county of Delaware:

The Petition of Russell S. Wooden & Isaac Covert executors of the last will and testament of Henry Wooden late of said County, deceased, sheweth, that the property of the said deceased which has come to the hands of your petitioners, amounts to the sum of about eighty five dollars and that your petitioners have proceeded with reasonable diligence in converting the said property into money, and applying the same to the payments of the debts of the said deceased; and that the said property is insufficient to pay his debts. That the outstanding debts of the said deceased, and which remain to be paid, as far as can be ascertained, amount to the sum of one hundred dollars & are(?) in the opinion of your petitioners.

That the said deceased died seized, as is alleged, of the following real estate, to wit: all that piece of land situate lying & being in the town of Andes in said county and on the stream of water known by the name of Trempers Kill & known as lot No. 11, in a map made by Jehu Burr of the subdivision of the great lots in the Hardenburgh Patent and is bounded easterly by lot No. 2 southerly by lot No. 10 & some along the line of said lot No. 10 till within twenty rods of the north westerly corner thereof thence forty rods parallell with the line of lot No. 14. Thence northerly twenty rods till it strikes the line of said lot No. 14. Thence northerly till it strikes the Wolf Hollow Road so called. Thence along said road as it winds & turns till it strikes the old state road so called thence southerly along the last mentioned road as it winds & turns till it strikes the line of said lot no. 2 continuing by estimation seventy five acres of land be the sum more or less.

Said premises are now in the possession of Isaac Covert one of your petitioners. And said premises are all the real estate which the deceased owned at the time of his death. And said described premises are in the opinion of your petitioners, worth about eight hundred dollars. The names of the heirs are as follows to suit. John H. Wooden & Russell S. Wooden, sons of deceased Lydia wife of Isaac Covert (daughter of deceased) & Lewis Burr grandson of deceased said (BurrĂ­s parents are deceased) of Delaware County New York. Orrin Wooden son of deceased the county of Courtland N.Y. Bershaba Tracy wife of Benjamin Tracy daughter of deceased of Tioga Co. Mary Elliott wife of Harvey Elliott grandaughter of deceased (her parents are dead.) Murium wife of Lucius Burlow daughter of deceased Clarina wife of Justice M. Dart daugher of deceased & David/Daniel McLane grandson of deceased of Tioga County Pennsylvania & Charles McLane grandson of deceased of the State of Illinois. All of said heirs are more than twenty one years of age.

Dated March 2nd 1847

State of New York
Delaware County: The above petitioners being duly sworn say that the facts set forth in foregoing petition by them signed are true to the best of his knowledge & belief
Sworn & subscribed
before me this 2nd day
of February 1847

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