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submitted by Jean C. Carlson, March 13, 1999


In the name of God Amen I, Daniel Hawks of the town of Andes in the County of Delaware & State of New York of the age of seventy years do make...

1st I request & direct that my executor hereinafter named shall pay & discharge all my just debts liabilities & obligations.

2nd After the payment of my debts as aforesaid I hereby give and bequeath to my wife Sally Hawks the use of the house that she now lives in (except that part now occupied by my son Daniel H. Hawks) so long as she shall live and in addition ----- the sum of three hundred (line missing) be paid to her semiannually from the time of my decease by my executor & in the event of that not being sufficient to maintain & provide for her then he shall in his descretion use the further sum of one hundred and fifty dollars a year or as much thereof...for her condition & station in life. The use of said home & said intended to be in lieu of dower...

Third Whereas my son Daniel H. Hawks now holds and owns a mortgage upon lands now owned by Sara C(?) Akerly in the town of Andes on what is known as the Barkaboom stream (?) which mortgage I formally owned, & whereas there are certain lands adjoining the lands covered by said mortgage now owned by Abram Mann(?) which if added on to said land covered by said mortgage would make the same ---- more valuable it is my request that my said executor will purchase said land of said Abram Mann, consisting of about ten acres if this same can be purchased for not to exceed $125 & to take the title in his own name and hold the same as an investment to be disposed of by him at such time & in such manner as he may think proper

Fourth I bequeath to my three grandchildren viz Charles S. Hawks, Francis M. Hawks and Lizzie May Hawks now minor children of my son Daniel H. Hawks, the sum of five hundred dollars each to be paid to them upon their arriving at the age of twenty one years respectively by my executor & in the event of any or either of them dieing before arriving at the age...then the share to be paid to any or either or all of them (if all die) shall be paid to the etc. [eventually going to Daniel under conditions of the death of these children or any future children...]

Fifth & Lastly I give & bequeath all of the rest residue & remainder of my real & personal estate of whatever kind or nature to my son...& all my real estate of every kind name & nature...all my personal property, bonds, mortgages, judgements, notes...etc

Signed 12 April 1879 Witnesses: Baron Johnson Thomas S. Miller both of Andes

Delhi Court House, Delhi, Delaware Co., New York Surrogates Court

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