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Submitted by John Hutchins, March 16, 2003

**** BARTLEY ****** [[Liber F. Admin. 48. Box N.]]

In the matter of the Accounting }
& final Settlement of the estate } Del County NY
of Bartley Harkness dec'd.............. } James H. Harkness being duly sworn says that he is one of the Administrators of said dec'ed & Geo H. Edgerton the other. That all the personal property of the deceased was sold for the same amount appraised and that said amount is all the personal property that has come (into the?) hands of the Administrators. That there accounts hereto annexed he believes in all respects (to be?) true. That they have duly charged themselves as such Administrators in said accounts with all the assets both for the real & personal property that have come to their hand or knowledge.
That all the payments in said accounts of Creditors have in fact been actually made by them or one of them. That the time & expense charged in the matter of the sale of the Real Estate is as he believes true & correct. That they are charged with all the interests & (illegible) that should in law or equity be charged against them. That all the debts that existed against said deceased at his death have been fully paid & satisfied, as he verily believes & that nothing remains unpaid except the Surrogate fee not charged in their bill & fees etc. in final settlement. That their percentage should be allowed them according to law.... And deponent says deceased Bartley Harkness was never married. That his mother, Lois Harkness, is living but that his father died before said Bartley did. That he left the deponent, Ezekiel Harkness, Letty Hendrickson, Mary Harkness, Nancy Mc Cully, Lois Harkness, Elisa Harkness brothers and sisters him surviving. Joseph Rowland Jr., his nephew, son of his deceased sister, Martha Rowland as his next of kin.
Dec. 30th 1858 (signed) James H. Harkness

[[Based on the rest of the family, this is the person known as Barclay in the will of Thomas which he Administered with his mother Lois. On the same note, The Delaware County Surrogate Court's index shows it as Baritey. Possibly the better source is the Doonan's Corners Cemetery, also known as Coventar Cemetery where a stone gives: Bartley Harkness, son of Thomas and Lois Harkness, died 29 November 1851, age 23.]
[The 1850 Census lists two Nancy Harknesses, both living with other families:

	   2                  	 3  4  5 6         7               8       9         10   	11	   12
	Nancy		17 f . .         		NY		1   [Robert Hunt family]
	Nancy		16 f . .         		NY		      [Dennis Paine family]

[Source and information added by John Hutchins]

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