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Submitted by a descendant of Benjamin McMurdy, Dorothy Bruce Hicock, January 22, 2004
Since Benjamin McMurdy of Kortright, NY  died intestate on Jan. 6, 1845, there is a petition by Jonathan B. McMurdy on January 15, 1845 with the letters of administration on Feb. 4th, 1845 with administrators Jonathan B McMurdy and Adam Hillis.


"With no widow, the children and heirs are Elizabeth, wife of Adam Hillis of Kortright, David McMurdy of Harpersfield, and the petitioner {Jonathan B. McMurdy} of Kortright."
An inventory of personal property also includes notes and money in several banks.
from cemetery  information and p. 182 in the Del. Co. Biogr. Rev, 1895 on Joseph Hillis, have compiled the following with additional information in brackets.
Benjamin McMurdy d. Jan. 6, 1845 {at about 75 b. Ireland} cem. South Kortright
wife, Elizabeth {Shanks} d. Jan. 17, 1843 (at about 75 b. Ireland} cem. South Kortright
three children:
1. Elizabeth McMurdy Hillis d. Dec. 30, 1872 in 76th yr., cem. So. Kortright
wife of Adam Hillis d. Dec. 11, 1875 in 86th yr. {b. Ireland} cem. So. Kortright
2. David McMurdy d. Jan. 3, 1878 at 76 cem. No. Kortright church
m.1. Eleanor C "Ellen" Campbell d. Dec. 11, 1860 at 52,4,19 cem. No. Kortright Church
m.2. Annis D. {Barnum} d. Apr. 4, 1883 at 52,11,22, cem. No. Kortright Church, {dau. of Amos Barnum & Sarah}
3. Jonathan B. McMurdy b. 1805 d. 1892 cem. South Kortright {see p. 717 Del. Co. Biog. Rev. 1895}
m. Abigail "Abby" Jones b. 1812 d. 1891 cem. South Kortright 
For the estate of Adam Hillis, there are several papers including the will dated May 14, 1866, petitions and the final settlement.
The will dated May 14, 1866 leaves his wife Elizabeth, the new house hereafter given to daughter Elizabeth, household furniture, one cow and $1000.
To his six children $200 each with Joseph Hillis of Stamford to receive it in two years, with David Hillis of Davenport to receive it in three years, with George Hillis of Davenport to receive it in four years, with Elizabeth Hillis of Kortright to receive it in seven years, with Sara J. Henderson, wife of Robert Henderson of Meredith to receive it in five years, and with Ellen C Mawhinney, wife of Samuel Mawhinney,  of Hobart to receive it in six years. 
Daughter Elizabeth the use of the house with her mother, and if she remains unmarried, and survives her mother the use of her room, and when she marries to receive an additional $50.
To son Adam C. Hillis the dairy and farm of 227 acres with cattle and horses.
Executors are to be Joseph Hillis and Ira B. Kerr.
the witnesses are Matthew H.{?} Kerr and George W. McMurdy who attested to the signing Feb. 21, 1876.
The petition of Joseph Hillis is dated Jan. 25, 1876 in which it states the Adam Hillis of Kortright died Dec. 11th, 1875.  The petitions names the sons and daughters:  Elizabeth Hillis of Kortright, Joseph Hillis of Stamford, David B. Hillis of Davenport, George M. Hillis of Davenport, Sara Jane Henderson, wife of Robert Henderson of Meredith, Eleanor A Mawhinney, wife of Samuel Mawhinney of Stamford, and Adam C. Hillis of Kortright. {Wife Elizabeth died in 1872} 
The final accounting by Joseph Hillis and Ira B Kerr is dated Dec. 24, 1877. {may really be 1876} with claims of daughters Ellen Mawhinney and Elizabeth Hillis being disallowed, $109.30 Paid to each heir, except Adam 
C. Hillis, rather than $200, with Elizabeth receiving $159.30.  {Estate is only valued at $705.80}  {Elizabeth married Oct. 25, 1876 to William Fisher, but her name is not indicated as Fisher, but she received the extra $50.} 
The family of Adam Hillis and Elizabeth McMurdy as compiled is:
Adam Hillis b. probably Ballybay, county Monaghan, Ireland, came to America in June 1823 from Warenpoint, Ireland, d. Dec. 11, 1875 in 86th yr., cem. South Kortright, naturalized citizen in 1840,
{note Ballybay rather illegible in bible, only B is legible, but Rev. Walter Hillis visited Hillis's in Ballybay, Ireland in 2001}
married Mar. 31, 1825 Elizabeth McMurdy d. Dec. 30, 1872 in 76th yr, cem. So. Kortright, ten children
1. Elizabeth b. Dec. 30, 1825 d. Apr. 4, 1890 cem. Stamford, NY m. Oct. 24, 1876 William Fisher 1831-1912 as his 2nd wife.
2j. Benjamin b. Jan. 31, 1827 d. June 20, 1850 cem. So. Kortright
3. Joseph b. May 28, 1828 d. oct. 5, 1904 cem. Hobart
m. Jan. 12, 1853 Margaret Barnett b. May 3, 1836 d. Mar. 13, 1900
4. David B. b. Nov. 17, 1829 d. Mar. 12, 1901 cem. Hobart
m.1. Dec. 20, 1854 Margaret Boyd d. Feb. 8, 1860 at 28,2,22, cem. Hobart
m. 2. Mar. 19, 1863 Millicent V. Dart b. 1836 d. jan. 26, 1904
5. Jonathan b. July 30, 1831 d. Oct. 22, 1839 at8,2,22 cem. So. Kortright
6. George Mars b. Dec. 31, 1832 d. June 11, 1911 at North Kortright Church, cem. Davenport, NY
m. Nov. 30, 1959 Mary Elizabeth Hendry b. July 6, 1836 d. Apr. 26, 1919 cem. Davenport
7. William b. apr. 14, 1834 d. May 3, 1849 at 15 yr 19 da. cem. South Kortright
8. Sarah J. b. Sept. 12, 1835 d. May 19, 1887 cem. Agnes City, KS
m. Dec. 23, 1857 Robert B. Henderson b. Sept. 14, 1826 d. Feb. 29, 1896 cem. Agnes City, KS
9. Eleanor C b. May 1, 1837 d. Nov. 15, 1893 Stamford, killed by a train, cem. Stamford, NY
m. Oct. 19, 1864 Samuel Mawhinney as his 2nd wife.
10. Adam Clark b. Aug, 8, 1839 d. Aug. 18, 1883 cem. So. Kortright
m. Feb. 13, 1867 Esther Ann Pierce b. Jan. 21, 1847 d. Feb. 19, 1923

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