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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger
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(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist.  Dist.     School      Year   Material   1855       District
No.    Towns     Located     Built  Built    Condition    Trustees            School-house Location
 1(J)  Stamford  Stamford    1841   wood       good       Asahel Cowley       Village of Stamford (Gould Map "School"
       Harpersfield                                       David Squire
 2(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1813   wood       poor       Chs S Stewart       Town Brook Road
                                                          Peter C Grant
 3(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1832   wood       fair       Isaac H Silliman    On Town Brook Road
                                                          Eden C. Burroughs
 4(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1840   wood       good       F. Griffin          Village of Hobart
                                                          R.S. Brownell
 5(J)  Stamford  Stamford    1848   wood       good       Burr Keeler         Present Village of South Kortright
       Kortright                                          Jno. D. Gibson

 6(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1855   wood       good       John A. Johnson     On Roses Brook Road
                                                          Aristarchus Blish
                                                          Hugh Rose
 7( )  No report was found for this District Number.
 8(J)  Stamford  Stamford    1824   wood       good       Alden A Hill        On Scutt Mountain Road
       Kortright                                          John M. Squire
 9(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1852   wood       good       James A Rich        On present County Route 18 near intersection
                                                          Jeo Collum          with Rich Road

10(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1827   wood       poor       Thomas C. Higbie    On Narrow Notch Road near intersection
                                                          Miles C. Dales      with Morse Road

11(W)  Stamford  Stamford    18--   wood       good       John K. Grant       On Clove Road
                                                          Henry A. Boggs
12 J)  Stamford  Harpersfield 1830  wood       tolerable  Elijah Chruchill    In Town of Harpersfield on Peters Road
       Harpersfield                                       John W Stewart
                                                          William English

13(W)  Stamford  Stamford    18-    wood       good       Chs A Ellsworth     On Clove Road
                                                          John Cowan

14(W)  Stamford  Stamford    1831   wood       decnt      Andrew Y Thomson    On Turkey Hollow Road
                                                          George Grant

15(W) Stamford   Stamford    1847   timber     good       Hugh Gemel          On Roses Brook Road
                                                          W H Underwood 

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