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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, Sepember 24, 2000
Note: You may need to scroll to the right to view all 8 columns of data.

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist.  Dist.     School      Year   Material   1855       District
No.    Towns     Located     Built  Built    Condition    Trustees            School-house Location
 1(J)  Sidney &  Sidney      1839   wood     fair         Dellansee Beckwith  Sidney Plains
       Unadilla                                           Wm N Hodgins &
                                                          W J Waier

 2(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1825   wood     miserable    Saxton Coe          River Rd. toward Unadilla (1/3 way)
                                                          David Sherman
                                                          Ira E Sherman

 3(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1830   wood     tolerable    John M Betts        Crookerville
                                                          William J Gregory   Rte. 357, River Rd. East

 4(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1847   wood     good         Charles Bartlett    Rte 357 to Franklin
                                                          Calvin Bartlett     (2/3 rds way)

 5(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1850   wood     good         S.W. Cooke          Sidney Center
                                                          A.G. Rifenbark
                                                          Calvin L Merrill

 5(J)  Sidney &  Sidney      1855   wood     good         Harmon C. Dibble    Just north of Ouleout Creek
       Franklin                                           Abel Judd           near Franklin Town Line

 6(J)  Sidney &  Sidney      1849   wood     good         William S White     Wells Bridge Rd., Rte 44
       Unadilla                                           Jon. B. Murwin      on Susquehanna River bordering Otsego. Co.

 7(J)  Sidney &  Masonville  18--   wood     papable      Hiram Scofield      River Rd., east of Sidney to Pine Hill Rd.
       Masonville                                         Asa Mills           South to Masonville Town Line
                                                          Stephen Birch

 7(J)  Sidney &  Sidney      1854   wood     good         R.M. Gallup         In the southeast near the Franklin
       Franklin                                           L McClenon          Town Line (Rte.23)
                                                          David Spoor

 8(J)  Sidney &  Otego       18--   --       --           Ezekiel Tracy       Town of Otego, Otsego County
       Otego                                              Addison Rathbun
                                                          H. Crandall

 8(J)  Sidney &  Masonville  1852   wood     good         Reuben Lewis        County Rd. 13-River Rd. south towards East Masonville 
       Masonville                                         Gorg W Beach

 8(J)  Sidney &  Sidney      1830   wood     bad          Jonathan Burdick    Halfway on eastern border of Sidney Town Line
       Franklin                                           Robert Hamilton
                                                          John Ostrander

 9(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1851   wood     good         Seely Wood          South of Sidney Center- just before turn
                                                          Enock Bishop        off to East Masonville

 9(J)  Sidney &  Unadilla    18--   ---      ---          E Odell             In Town of Unadilla, Otsego, County
       Unadilla                                           M B Vail

10(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1836   frame    poor         Abner Pomeroy       Wheat Hill Rd. East & North of 
                                    timber                Solomon Wheat       Sidney Center
                                                          Moses Dibble

11(W)  Sidney    Sidney      1832   wood     poor         Robert Flint        On Count Rd. 13- from River Rd. South
                                                          Degrand Honeywell   toward Masonville line

12 W)  Sidney    Sidney      1833   wood     bad          Wheeler Davis       On Masonville-Sidney Center Rd.
                                                          W A Stilson         (West of Sidney Center)

13( )  No report found for this district number.

14(J)  Sidney &  Masonville  18--   frame                 John Mudford        In Town of Masonville, on Pine Swamp Road,
       Masonville &                                       Edward Benedict     near Towns of Sidney & Masonville borders

22(J)  Sidney &  Franklin    1836   wood     poor         Elijah Roe          On Rte. 357 at corner 
       Franklin                                           James Hodges        with Chamberlain Hill Rd.

NOTE: The schools were located, to the best of our ability through the use of the Gould & Beers maps and present day County Highway Maps.

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