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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 3, 2000

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

 Dist. Dist.     School    Year    Material     1855       District
 No.   Town(s)   Located   Built   Built      Condition    Trustees              School-house Location

 1(J)  Meredith  Meredith  1848    Wood       Ordinary     Charles Dibble        On Elk Creek Road near Meredith/Kortright/Delhi Town Line
       Delhi                                               James Gibson

 2(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1814    Wood       Poor         Thomas M. Harlow      On Dry Brook Road near intersection with Turnpike Road.
                                                           Robert Brown

 3(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1839    Wood       Poor         J. B. Sands           At Meredith Square.
                                                           J. D. Wells Jr.
 4(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1839    Wood       Good         Andrew S. Gilchrist   Near intersection of Elk Creek Road & present Ehlermann Road.
                                                           Reuben Fuller    
                                                           Lewis Parris

 5(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1816    Wood       Bad          Elias Warner          On present County Route 14 near intersection with Sutherland Road.
                                                           Miles Hine 
                                                           David Kemp
 5(J)  Meredith  Delhi     1845    Wood       Good         N. R. Thompson        On Elk Creek Road, about 2 miles up from present State Route 10.
       Delhi                                               John D. Smith   
                                                           Abel Hinckley

 6(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1844    Wood       Good         John Stilson          On Turnpike Road at intersection with Smith Hill Road.
                                                           Wm. Cramer Jr.
                                                           Herman Smith

 7(J)  Meredith  Meredith  1832    Wood       Common       Ira Willis            On present County Route #14, near Town lines of Franklin & Meredith.
       Franklin                                            Wm. Remington
 8(J)  Meredith  Meredith  1852    Timber     Good         Charles Post          On West Peakes Brook Road near Meredith/Delhi Town Line
       Delhi                                               Samuel A. Garrett                   
 9(J)  Meredith  Meredith  1855    Wood       Good         Bill Burgin           Just off State Route 28 near, or on Honest Brook.
       Delhi                                               James Shaw       
10(J)  Meredith  Meredith  18--    Wood       Good         Wm. C. Brownell       On present County Route 14 about 1 mile from Meredith/Delhi Town line.
       Delhi                                               Porter Frisbee

11(W)  Meredith  Meredith  1829*   Wood       Good         Jesse Scott           On present State Route 28 near Meridale.
                                                           James Humphrey
                                                           Nelson Mackey

11(J)  Meredith  Kortright 1834    Wood       Good         Samuel Osborn         In Town of Kortright, on present Scotch Hill Road
       Kortright                                           James Williams
12(J)  Meredith  Meredith  18--                            Lemuel S. Strong      On Honest Brook Road about 1 mile from Delhi Meredith/Delhi Town Line.
       Delhi                                               Matthew S. Benedict                                 
13( )   No Report was found from this district Number                            On Peakes Brook Road near Meredith/Delhi

14(W) Meredith  Meredith  1827     Wood       Good         H. Belle              In Epps Road (see Gould Map), site presently in Town of Franklin.

14(J) Meredith  Meredith  1854     Wood       Good         Chauncey Ogden        On Jackson Hill Road near Meredith/Franklin Town Line
      Franklin                                             Charles Treadwell
                                                           William Cole
15(J) Meredith  Meredith  18--                             C. W. M. Dibble       At East Meredith.
      Kortright                                            J. W. Roberts
                                                           James Mitchell
16(W) Meredith  Meredith  1829     Wood       Bad          George Wright         On present County Route 10, east of present village of Meridale.
                                                           Solomon Houghtaling
                                                           John Johnson
17(W) Meredith  Meredith  1842     Wood       Good         William Mitchell      On Peakes Brook Road near Meredith/Delhi/Franklin Town Lines.
                                                           John Craig            (See Gould #13 & Beers #17.)                                                        

*"As near as we know."

NOTE: The school house sites were located, to the best of our ability, by reference to the Gould, Beers & Current County highway maps.

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