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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, October 10, 2000

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist. Dist.      School      Year   Material    1855      District           School-house Location
No.   Town(s)    Located     Built  Built     Condition   Trustees

 1(W) Masonville Masonville  18--   ----      ----        Stillman Smith     At Masonville Corners
                                                          B.H. Alysworth
                                                          Harlow Bundy

 2(W) Masonville Masonville  1853   wood      good        Joshua S. Willis   At bottom of Willis Hill 3 miles
                                                          G.T. Everest       south of Village of Masonville (Now State Route 8)

 3(W) Masonville Masonville  1854   wood      good        Harry P Heath      Maple Grove Hill (Hager Hill) now Co. Rt. 20
                                                          Alfred C Bailey

 4(J) Masonville Bainbridge  18--   ----      ----        Hiram Ramsdell     China Rd. to Artic Rd. Del. Co. Rte. 20
      Bainbridge,                                         Jesse Whitman

 5(W) Masonville Masonville  1854   wood      good        Quartus Brown      Near Beals Pond off Rte. 8
                                                          Stephen Whitman
                                                          Elijah Whitman

 6 W) Masonville Masonville  1853   wood      poor        A.G. Matteson      Parker's Corner-North east of Masonville
                                                          Nathan Parker      (Parker Hollow)

 7(J) Masonville Masonville  18--   wood      good        Hiram Scofield     Northeast of Village of Masonville, close
      Sidney                                              Asa Mills          to Town of Sidney line
 8(J) Masonville Masonville  1852   wood      good        Ruebin Lewis       At East Masonville
      Sidney                                              George Beach

 9(W) Masonville Masonville  18--   wood   comfortable    John B. Hoyt       On Bundy Hollow Road North of Village of
                                                          Henry M. Thorp     Masonville
                                                          Orrin Kentfield

10(W) Masonville Masonville  1850   wood      good        W.H. Mills         On Colvin Road off Rte. 8 Unused
                                                          Ambrose Bolt
                                                          Henry Lawson

11(W) Masonville Masonville  1850   wood      good        Samuel Jenkins     On Route 206, Southeast of Masonville,
                                                          Robert S. Randall  halfway to Town of Tompkins line
                                                          Lewis Kentfield

12(W) Masonville Masonville  1855    good     good        Edward E. Heath    On Route 206, between China Rd. &
                                              materials   Daniel McKinnon    Bennetsville Road

13 W) Masonville Masonville  1848    wood     good        Alford L Austin    On Sidney Center Road, out of the
                                                          Zephaniah Teed     Village of Trout Creek

13(J) Masonville Tompkins    1847    wood     good        Nathan Curtis      In southwestern corner of the Town.
      Tompkins                                            Heman L. Smith     adjoining Town of Tompkins
                                                          D.B. Cook

14(J) Masonville Masonville  18--    ---       ---        Edward S. Benedict In most eastern portion of the Town,
      Sidney                                              John Mudford       adjoining Town of Walton
      Walton                                              William Morenus

15( ) No Report found for this District Number                               To the west of Joint Dist. 14 on
                                                                             Richardson Hill Rd.

16(W) & See 33(W)
32(J) Masonville Tompkins    1853    wood     good        Freeman Wilson     North of Village of Trout Creek. 
      Tompkins                                            Samuel J. Teed     area of Town now known as Tacoma
                                                          William Jacobs
33(W) Masonville Masonville  1854    logues   good        Stephen Young      On Steam Mill Road, at intersection of
                                                          Ury Bidwell        Dry Book Road
                                                          Nelson Graves

The school-house sites were determined, to the best of our ability, by reference to the Gould Map, Beers Atlas & Current County Highway Maps.

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