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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 3, 2000

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist   Dist.         Town          Year    Material  1855        District            School-house
No.    Towns         Located       Built   Built     Condition   Trustees            Location
 l(W)  Harpersfield  Harpersfield  18--    wood      good        Lawson McClaury     In the village of Harpersfield
                                                                 Thomas Donnelly 
                                                                 Charles J Merriam 

 2(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1826    wood      poor        George Buckingham   On Fisher Road, off present State Route #23
                                                                 John B Gaylord

 2(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1853    wood      good        Charles R Champlin  At intersection of Gun House Hill Road & Odell Lake
      & Kortright                                                Thomas Telfer,Jr

 3(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1847    wood      good        R E Davis           At intersection of Trusdell Road & present State Route #23
      & Kortright                                                B F Gibbs          
 4(J) Harpersfield   Jefferson     1847    wood      good        John M Warner       In the Town of Jefferson, Schoharie Co. near the Harpersfield/Jefferson Town Line
      & Jefferson                                                Daniel S Nichols 
                                                                 Truman E Buck
 5(J) Harpersfield   Stamford      18 --   -----     -----       Asahel Cowley      In the Town of Stamford, near Harpersfield/Jefferson/Stamford Town Lines
      & Jefferson                                                David Squire        
 5(J) Harpersfield,  Summit        1852    wood      good        James S Dayton     In the Town of Summit, Schoharie Co., near the Harpersfield/Worcester Town Line
      Summit & Worcester                                         Peter Mitchell,Jr. 
                                                                 Jacob S. Multer     
 6(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1830    stone     some        James C McWilliams At intersection of Whiskey Hollow Road & Dibble Road
                                           repair                Archibald Mitchell
                                                                 Edward H Stoutenburg

 7(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1849    wood      good        Newton G. Peck     On present County Route #30, near Harpersfield/Jefferson Town Line
      & Jefferson                                                James Gaddis       
                                                                 Selar Decker        
 8(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  18--    wood   comfortable    Ira Toles          Possibly on present Moxham. Road
      & Jefferson                                                Norman P Dayton

 9(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1852    wood      good        Abraham Sternburg  In village of North Harpersfield
                                                                 H.W. Hamilton

10(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1850    hemlock   pretty      David Wiltsie      On Streeter Hill Road, between Tedle Brook Road & Champlin Road       good
                                                                 Samuel H. Harper
10(J) Harpersfield   Davenport     1848    wood      good        Joseph Copley      At Simpsonville, on County Route #9, beyond Fergusonville
      & Davenport                                                Henry Sawyer
                                                                 Daniel H Wilber

11(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1834    wood      good        Z.W. Dayton        At intersection of County Route #29 & Harper Road
      & Kortright                                                Wm 0 Hendry

12(J) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1830    wood      tolerable   John W Stewart     On Peters Road, near Harpersfield/Stamford Town Lines
      & Stamford                                                 Elijah Churchill                             

12(J) Harpersfield   Worcester     18--    wood      good        WM Steward         In the Town of Worcester, Otsego County, near Harpersfield/Worcester Town Line
      & Worcester                                                David Strain
13(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1851    wood      good        Philander Wickham  On Quaker Hill Road, near Tedle Brook Road
                                                                 Elkanah Holmes  
14( ) No Report was found for this District Number.                                 On Peters Road, near the Delaware River

15( ) No Report was found for this District Number.
16(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1835    wood   comfortable    Isaac Dayton       At the end of the present Hornbeck Road
                                                                 Hugh H Sloan     
17(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1832    wood   miserable      Charles ___dwick   On Odell Lake Road
                                    or                           Henry Voorhis
                               thereabouts                       Jesiah Buck

18(W) Harpersfield   Harpersfield  1855    wood      good        William. B Ives    On Titus Lake Road
                                                                 J.B. Titus

NOTE: The school-houses have been sited, to the best of our ability, by reference to the Gould Map, the Beers Atlas & present Delaware County maps.

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