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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 29, 2000
Note: You may need to scroll to the right to view all 8 columns of data.

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist   Dist.      Town          Year    Material  1855        District            School-house
No.    Towns      Located       Built   Built     Condition   Trustees            Location

 1(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        18--    -----     -----       Wn Mallory          In Town of Hamden, on East River Road
       Walton                                                 Will E Combs        near junction with Mallory Brook Road
 2(W)  Hamden     Hamden        18--    -----     -----       Thomas Harby        In Village of Hamden
                                                              Alex Shaw
                                                              S.  Mott Titus

 3(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1848    wood      good        Thos. Williams      On Main St. in Village of Lansingville
                                                              Robert Davidson     (Presently known as Delancey)

 4(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        1847    wood      good        Elihu Coe           On Covert Hollow Road near intersection
       Delhi                                                  Isaac R Chace       with Hamden Hill Road.
 5(J)  Hamden &   Delhi         18--    wood    tolerable     Malcom Fisher       In Town of Delhi, on present State Route
       Delhi                                                  R.B. Leal           10 near Platner Brook Road intersection.
 6(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        18--    -----     -----       John Stoddart       On present County Route #2 a little way
       Delhi                                                  A. McPhail          up Stoddard Hollow Road.

 7(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1831    wood      good        David Salton        On Terry Clove Road
                                                              James Neish
                                                              John Stewart

 8(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        1855    wood      good        Robert J. Cole      On Basin Clove Road, near present Reed
       Colchester                                             Andrew Lawrence     Road Spur

 9(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        18--    ----      ----        John B Yendes       On present State Route #10, at intersection
       Delhi                                                  M.L. Bostwick       with road into Lansingville (Now Delancey)
10(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1859    wood      good        Henry C Hawley      On present State Route # 10, at intersection
                                                              Horace M. Combs     with County Route 26 (Hawleys)
10(J)  Hamden &   Colchester    18--    -----     ----        John Rutherford     In Town of Colchester, on present County Route
       Colchester                                             Robert E. Dennis    26 & intersection with present McDonald Road
11(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        18--    ----      ----        James Smith         On present Ridge Road, near intersection
       Delhi                                                  Duncan Munn         with Stoodley Hollow Road
                                                              William Swart
12(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1846    wood      bad         Andrew Armstrong    On Chambers Hollow Road about 2 miles from
                                                              Stephen Berray      present State Route #10
13(J)  Hamden &   Delhi         18--    wood      midling     Gurden Paine        In Town of Delhi, on present Holmes Hollow Road
       Delhi                                                  Gregor McGregor
                                                              Stephen Titus
14(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1855    wood      good        A.G. Olmsted        On present Launt Hollow Road
                                                              John McFarlane

15(W)  Hamden     Hamden        18--    -----     ----        Andrew Andrews      On Hamden Hill Road near intersection with
                                                              Arthur McAuslan     present Ridge Road
16(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        1846    wood      good        John C. Montgomery  On Gregory Hollow Road, near intersection with
       Colchester                                             Elijah B. Conklin   Fuller Hollow Road
                                                              Minioes Bur Coe
17(W)  Hamden     Hamden        1842    wood    tolerable     Ransom Stoodley     Not shown on Gould or Beers Maps as such
                                                              Francis Scott       District Number (possibly North Hamden).
17(J)  Hamden     Delhi         1855    timber    good        James Alexander     In Town of Delhi, on Platner Brook Road
       Delhi                                                  Jeremiah Vanaitken
                                                              W. P. McGibbon
18     No Report was found for this District No.
19(J)  Hamden &   Walton        18--    -----     -----       D.G. McDonald       In Town of Walton on East Brook Road near Fish
       Walton                                                 Thomas Elderkin     Hollow Road (now County Route #22)
20(J)  Hamden &   Hamden        18--    -----     -----       Gilbert R. Denny    Not shown on Gould or Beers Maps as such District
       Walton &                                               John Cobine         No. but possibly it is District No. 5 on Beers
       Franklin                                                                   Map & located on present Dunk Hill Road.
21     NO REPORT was found for this District No.

22(J)  Hamden &   Colchester    18--    -----     ----        Ezekiel Tiffany     Unable to locate. Not the Dist. No. 22 shown on
       Colchester                                                                 Gould Map. "This is a new District."       

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