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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 20, 2000
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Common School Districts
Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 1855

(W)= Whole District
(J)=Joint District
No.Dist. Dist.Towns(s)  School Located  Year Built  Material Built  1855 Condition      District Trustees  School-house Location

 1 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1854        Hemlock         ----                A. Chubb, Jr.      On Trout Brook Road
                                                                                        Abial G. Fuller

 2 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1830        wood            poor                Perry Radeker      At hamlet of Colchester
                                                                                        Wm H. Elwood
                                                                                        John R. Radeker

 2 (J)   Colchester &   Hancock         18--        ---             ---                 Abraham Sprague    In Town of Hancock, On present State Route
         Hancock                                                                        Daniel D. Sprague  30, about 1/2 way between Harvard & Hancock/Colchester Line
                                                                                        Thomas T Williams 

 3 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1813        wood            poor                Robert Beates      Not shown on Gould Map, probably #21 on Beers Atlas in Village of Downsville
                                                                                        Geo. W Downs 
                                                                                        John D. Fuller

 4 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        wood            not any             J.H. Radeker       Near Gregory town on Fuller Hill Road 
                                                                    good repair         Amos Gregorry

 5 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                 James W Shaver     At Hamlet of Pepacton. Now under the
                                                                                        Philip Allen       reservoir.

 6 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                 Abijah Kinch       On Berry Brook Road
                                                                                        Henry Butler

 7 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                 Wm Wilson          On Miller Hollow Road. Now under reservoir         
                                                                                        Peter V.G. White 

 8 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                 Hirum Hitt         In Coles Clove. Now under the reservoir
                                                                                        Ambrose Conklin

 8 (J)   Colchester     Hamden          18--        ---             ---                Robert Scott        In Town of Hamden, on Basin Clove Road,
         Hamden                                                                        Andrew Lawrence     near present Reed Road Spur.

 9 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                John Meckleham      On Cat Hollow Road. Now under the reservoir.
                                                                                       L.Z. Williams

10 (J)   Colchester &   Colchester      18-         ---             ---                John Rutherford     On Upper Telford Hollow Road
         Hamden                                                                        Oliver Dennis

11 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1846        wood            good               Henry Smith         On Upper Morton Hill Road
                                                                                       Robert M Hanmer
                                                                                       Daniel R. Sewell

12 (M)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                Enoch Horton        "Butternut Grove" on State Route 17 
                                                                                       Pratt Chamberlin

13 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1850        wood            good               W.B. McDonald        On Telford Hollow Road
                                                                                       Enoch Young
                                                                                       Albert T Williams

14 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1847        wood            good               Oliver Cochran       On Lower Morton Hill Road
                                                                                       W.D. Kimball
                                                                                       Ammon Hitt

15 (J)   Colchester &   Colchester      1837        wood            midling            Peter W Willson      On Wilson Hollow Road
         Walton                                                                        Charles Willson

16 (J)   Colchester &   Colchester      1846        wood            good               John C. Montgomery   On Baxter Mt. Road
         Hamden                                                                        Elijah B Conklin
                                                                                       Minious Bur Coe

17 ( )   No report was found for this District.

18 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1847        wood            midling            Solomon Hotchkiss    On Lower Gregory Hollow Rd.
                                                                                       Washington B Williams

19 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      1854        wood            good               James Davidson       On Campbell Brook Road
                                                                                       Hiram Baxter

20 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        ---             ---                John Brock           On Cat Hollow Road near intersection with Sugar Loaf
                                                                                       Everett Twiss        Road (See Beers) Presently Co. Route 7 & School House Road.

21 ( )   No Report found for this District No.   In Village of Downsville

22 (W)   Colchester     Colchester      18--        wood            tolerable          Hiram More           Huntley Hollow Road. Now under the reservoir.
                                                                                       William Elder
                                                                                       Richard L. White

22 (J)   Colchester & ----*            18--         ---             ---                 ---                 On Bull Run Road. Near Colchester/Hamden Town Line.
                                                                          "This is a new district". "School house site purchased for $2.00"

* The Report for this District, filed in Hamden, states that the district school-house is in the town of Colchester. The school-houses were sited, to the best of our ability, by reference to the Gould Map, the Beers Atlas & present day County Highway Maps.

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