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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 1, 2000

(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

       Dist.  Dist.   School    Year   Material 1855       District
       No.    Town    Located   Built  Built    Condition  Trustees         School-house Location
       1 (W)  Andes   Andes     1836   Wood     Poor      George Potts      Fall Clove
                                                          David Darlin

       2 (W)  Andes   Andes     18--   Wood     Midling   A.B. Douglas      In Village of Andes
                                                          W.B. Dowie

       3 (W)  Andes   Andes     18--   Wood     Good      Walter Gladstone  Gladstone Hollow Road
                                                          Ths Dickson

       4 (W)  Andes   Andes     18--   Wood     Tolerable Peter Calhoun     Palmer Hollow
       NOTE: District divided last spring                 John Whitson Jr. 
                                                          George Fletcher

       5 (W)  Andes   Andes     1847   Wood   Comfortable John Dickson      Lower Dingle Hill
                                                          James Glendenning

       6 (W)  Andes   Andes     18--   ----     Good      Abram Stansbery   Shavertown
                                                          John Neish

       7       No Report was found for this School District Number

       8 (J)  Andes & Bovina    ----   ----     ----      Thomas Brown      Canada Hollow in Town of Bovina
              Bovina                                      Christopher Strangeway 
       9 (W) Andes    Andes     ----   Wood     Bad       Ebenezer Wooden    Davis Hollow
                                                          Matthew McCabe
      10 (W) Andes    Andes     ----   ----     ----      Robert Liddle      Upper Beech Hill
                                                          Hugh Clark
                                                          Walter Elliott

      11 (J) Andes &  Middletown ----  ----     ----      Luther D. Jackson  In Lumberville on Pleasant St.
             Middletown                                   Philip B. Dickson  in Town of Middletown
      12 (W) Andes    Andes     18--   Wood     Good      David George       Cabin Hill
                                                          George Sutherland

      13 (J) Andes &  Andes     18--   Wood     Bad       William Laidlow    Weaver Hollow
             Middletown                                   Edward Bryant

      14 (W) Andes    Andes     1846   Timber   Common    William S. McCune  On "State Road" as shown on Beers
                                                          Asahel Worden      Atlas of Delaware County

      15 (J) Andes &  Middletown 1828  Wood     Tolerable George H. Green    Main St. Clarks Factory in Town
             Middletown                                   Alexander McLean Jr. of Middletown
      16 (W) Andes    Andes     18--   Wood     Bad       William Weaver     Jacksonburg
                                                          Freeborn G. Race
                                                          George Suttle

      17 (J) Andes &  Andes     1853   Wood     Good      James Seath        Shaver Hollow
             Colchester                                   Wm H. Davis

      18 (W) Andes    Andes            Wood     Good      James Neild        Wolf Hollow
                                                          John H. McNee

      19 (W) Andes  Andes      18--   ----     Good      James M. Wilson     In Shavertown
                                                         Jonah T. Hotchkiss

      20 (W) Andes  Andes      1842  Wood      Poor      Richard E. Hitt     In Union Grove
                                                         Nicholas Huntly 

      21 (W) Andes  Andes      1855  Timber    Good      Delen C. Shaver     On Upper Beech Hill Road
                                                         Charles Woodard
      22 (W) Andes  Andes      18--  ---       ----      M.S. Davis          Barkaboom
                                                         William Laidlaw  
      23(J) Andes & Not stated ----  ----      ----      Joseph Baker        In Town of Middletown, Near 
            Middletown*(Middletown)                      Patrick Carroll     boundaries of Town of Andes
                                                         James Close         On Mill Brook Road
      24 (W) Andes  Andes      1854  Wood      Good      Lewis Bussy Jr.     On Bussy Hollow Road
                                                         Solomon Bussy

      25 (W) Andes  Andes      1855  Wood      Good      John Lunn
                                                         Francis Myers       Not Shown on Gould or Beers Map
                                                         William Vermilya
     NOTE: The sites for the schools were determined, to the best of our ability, by reference
                 to the Gould, Beers & Delaware County Highway Maps.
       *See 23(J) as filed in Town of Middletown Common School District Records

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