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To help in dating photos, it would be helpful to know when various studios were in business. Following is a list of studios complied by David Smith from his Delhi photos. A couple of studios are owned by the same person, but the studio name has changed, so they are grouped together. Over time, studios will change their names, so the dates when they used the various names is significant. If you have dated photos, please send information to website at so it can be added to this list. --Pat Watts, March 11, 2007

from Roger Davis
from Bob Neubert
Chas. Carman

-VanKleek's Photography Gallery

-Byron R. Johnson Art Gallery
-Byron R. Johnson & Co. Art Gallery
-Maurice Farrington, successor to Byron R. Johnson & Co. Art Gallery over Calhoun & Sons Drug Store
-Maurice Farringtons Photographic Gallery over Calhoun & Sons Drug Store

Gilberts Fine Art Gallery, Main Street
BF Gilbert Photographer
Granger ? 431 Main Street

This Franklin name was on a photo added to the website this morning (03-11-2007).

B. Myers Photographer of Hancock
Note from Carolee Inskeep:
Below is a list of Walton photographers that I compiled for my own reference when dating family photographs. The dates and notes below were compiled from dated photographs, local histories, newspaper accounts, census records, and advertisements for the photographers' work. Some photographers worked in other Delaware County towns; this list only pertains to their time in Walton. This list is not complete and should only be used as a general guideline when dating a photograph. -- Carolee Inskeep

BETTS, FRED J., circa 1905-1910. Best known for his postcards of scenic Walton-area views, he was also known for taking excellent group shots (at family reunions, for example), and for his work documenting construction of a railroad line in 1905. Moved to Binghamton circa 1910.

CORNISH, J.J., ca. 1870s.

FEEHRER, CHARLES, ca. 1890s. Worked first for G. W. Simpkins and then for Grant Wilson.

HINE, BURTON, ca. 1870s. Known for his stereoviews of Walton.

KINCH BROTHERS, ca. 1899-1935. Edgar Kinch joined the studio of his brother, Harvey J., Kinch, circa 1899. They were in business together until the Walton studio burned in July of 1935. Harvey retired after the fire. The brothers also operated a studio in Hancock.

KINCH, HARVEY J., ca. 1894-1899. Apparently bought Frank L. Sprague's studio. Became Kinch Brothers in 1899.

KINCH STUDIO, ca. 1935-1939. "Kinch Brothers" was operated by Edgar Kinch as "Kinch Studio" following Harvey's retirement in 1935. Edgar died in 1939.

MILLER, H. H., ca. 1879-1883. Walton Reporter states that Miller and wife moved to Sidney circa 1897.

MILLER & GRAEFF, ca. 1880. Probably H. H. Miller and an assistant.

MILLER & SPRAGUE, ca. mid-1880s. Probably H. H. Miller and Frank L. Sprague.

NELLIS, JAMES D., ca. 1943-53.

PETTIS ART STORE, ca. 1906-1939. From The Walton Reporter of 13 January 1906: "Grant Wilson of the firm of Wilson & Pettis, photographers, has sold his interest to his partner, C. Harry Pettis, who will continue it at the old stand." See Wilson, Grant.

SIMPKINS, G. W., ca. 1892-1898. An 1898 advertisement for Grant Wilson, states that Wilson is the successor of Simpkins. See Wilson, Grant.

SPRAGUE, FRANK L., ca. 1887-1894. Apparently sold his business to Harvey J. Kinch in late 1894. May be the Frank L. Sprague whose will was probated Dec. 13, 1890.

TAYLOR, NORMAN, mid- to late-1860s.

THOMAS STUDIO, PAUL, ca. 1953-1975. Paul Thomas learned photography while in the Army from 1942-1945. His wife, Catherine, hand-colored black-and-white photographs.

WILSON, GRANT, ca. 1898 to January 1906. An advertisement in the 8 October 1898 Walton Reporter states: "Wilson, Photographer, has secured the services of Charles Feehrer, well known to Walton people as a fine artist. Cabinet photos $2.50. My purchase includes all the negatives of Simpkins, and orders for duplicates can be filled on short notice." "Souvenir of Walton 1900," describes Wilson as "a relative newcomer to Walton." In 1905, The Walton Reporter mentions "Wilson and Pettis the photographers, are very busy having to work far into the night to accomplish their work." From Walton Reporter of 13 January 1906: "Grant Wilson of the firm of Wilson & Pettis, photographers, has sold his interest to his partner, C. Harry Pettis, who will continue it at the old stand. Wilson has engaged as traveling salesman for a Boston firm. He will handle photographers' supplies, frames, mouldings, etc. He has northern Pennsylvania, and parts of New Jersey and will be home nearly every week."

WILSON & PETTIS, ca. 1905. See Wilson, Grant.
Note from Barbara Elmore (names spelled as given.)
From the 1880 Federal Census, a list of those in Delaware County who gave their profession as "photographer":

Chamberlain, Andrew Trout Creek
Clegg, Edward D Delhi
Farrington, Maurice Delhi
Miller, H.H. Walton
Mitchell, Miles N Andes
Okely, Philip Davenport
Shelley, William Davenport

from: Patricia Shaw DuMont:
Rowe, Wallace C. b 28 Sept. 1888, d. 14 May 1958. He lived in Downsville, Hancock and Binghamton and is listed from the census as Photographer 1920, 1930, 1940. In 1910 He had an ice cream shop.
from Louise Chen
Jas. Noble Gallery in Deposit, NY
P. Davis. The Elite Studio, abt 1895
H. H. Wood, Photographer and Crayon Artist, abt 1903
Marshall Poole, Photographer, abt 1870

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