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This obituary is from the scrapbook of Frances Couse Beebe and lent by her step granddaughter and her husband, Jo Ann and John Warner.

Submitted by Louise Chen, 14 March 2009

April 8, 1932 Death of Supt. Ferry - Well Known Masonville School Official Succumbs to Pneumonia

(From Cannonsville correspondent)

The announcement of the death on Saturday afternoon, April 2nd, of Charles F. Ferry [September 27, 1882 - October 2, 1932], superintendent of schools of the first supervisory district in Delaware county, at his home in Masonville after a short illness of pneumonia, caused a wave of deep sorrow, not only in this district, and wherever he was known. There was a feeling of sincere regret as he was a man of high moral worth, honorable in every respect. As superintendent of schools he was deeply interested in modern improvements, always ready to help the teachers in their many school problems; his kindly consideration created a pleasant relation between the teachers and the superintendent which was a factor in the upbuilding of the school.

The funeral was held Tuesday at Masonville. Many schools were closed during the period. Mr. Ferry was a loyal and faithful member of the Presbyterian Church and the services were conducted by his pastor, assisted by a former pastor and the rector of the Episcopal Church in Sidney. Two selections were sung by a quartette, one "Abide With Me," was a favorite of Mr. Ferry's. There were so many beautiful floral tributes from the various organizations, teachers and friends that it was impossible to take them in the hearse, and the state troopers, who were guarding the traffic, took a car load. Interment was made in the Masonville cemetery.

Among those in attendance were the school superintendents of the other Delaware county districts, principals of many schools in the county, and a large delegation of teachers representing the schools in his district. Teachers from this vicinity were Mrs. Madora Van Valkenburg, Mrs. Helen Swart, Miss Marguerite Hathaway, Mrs. Donald Hoag, Mrs. Grace Storrer, Miss Pratt, Mrs. Entrot, Mrs. Viola Van Valkenburg, Mrs. Ward Chambers, Mrs. O. T. Whitaker, and others. Surviving in his immediate family are his wife, two daughters and a son; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ferry; two sisters, Mrs. Hager and Mrs. Edgar Couse, of Masonville; also other relatives and countless friends. Deep sympathy is extended to the sadly bereaved family in their irremediable loss.

Mr. Ferry was 59 [correction he was 49] of age. He was a graduate of Colgate University and was serving his third term as superintendent of the third supervisory district.

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