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These photos were the property of Helen "Jeanette" (Bacheller) Laures, a life-long resident of Oneonta, NY. She passed away July 7, 2004 and these photos were given to her nephew, my dad. As Jeanette and her husband had no children, both my mom and dad looked after her health and well-being for many years after her husband passed away.

Ephriam "Hiram" A. Worden and Jennette "Nettie" Liddle are included in this collection and were Jeanette's grandparents. She most likely obtained the photos from her mother Sarah Mae "Sadie" Worden. Most of the photos were taken in Delhi and Andes. They seem to have been taken around the turn of the century.

If anyone is interested in any of these photos, I will be happy to e-mail them a higher resolution version. If anyone is interested in exchanging family information on this line I would be very interested in doing so. Please contact me at --Alan Downie, August 11, 2005
Bramley, Carrie
Bramley, Emma
Bramley, Jenett (1st Wife of Alfred Sigler)
Burroughs, Caroline
Craig, Mary
De Vaucney (sp), Millard
Dorrie, Pete
Drummond, George
Elliott, Mary and Walter
George, Anna
Gladstone, Bell U.
Gladstone, George
Gladstone, George K.
Gladstone, John
Gladstone, Maggie
Goodenough, Emma
Gownlock, Jane
King, Reverend
Lewis, John
Liddle, Alice and Arney
Liddle, Elizabeth Adult
Liddle, Elizabeth Child
Liddle, Etta
Liddle, Henry #2
Liddle, Henry
Liddle, James
Liddle, Jeanette A. (Worden)
Liddle, Jim
Liddle, Jimmy A. 2 yrs old
Liddle, John
Liddle, Maggie
Liddle, Maggie #2
Liddle, Marvin
Liddle, Mary
Liddle, Robert (2 images)
Liddle, Robert
Liddle, Samuel
Liddle, Thomas (2 images)
Liddle, Tom & Maggie (& children)
Mc Key, William
Mc Mindy Mc Murdy Mc Mirdy, David
Mc Naught, M
Neil, Mrs.
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, William
Roney (Rorrey), Mrs. Mary
Roney (Rorrey), William J.
Shaver, Agnes (Blanche's Mother)
Shaw, Mrs.
Sigler, Alfred #2
Sigler, Alfred
Sigler, Katie
Sigler, Mary (2nd Wife of Alfred Sigler)
Smith, Maggie
Smith, Mrs. John
Smith, Thomas and Family
Stevenson, Hattie
Stevenson, Mary 2
Stevenson, Mary
Taylor, John
Thompson, William
Unknown#1 Carman Photographer Andes NY
Unknown#3 tin
Unknown#7 tin
Unknown#9 tin
Unknown#10 tin
Unknown#11 tin
Unknown#12 tin
Unknown#13 tin
Worden, Clifford (My Great Grand Uncle)
*Worden, Ephriam (Hiram) A., Jennette (Nettie) Liddle (wife) tin -image (my 2nd great grandfather
*from the 1880 United States Federal Census
Ephraim A. Worden, born abt 1847, in 1880 lived in Andes, Delaware, New York, age 33; wife Nettie Worden, age 27

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