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from small bio section of Beers' History of Greene County

submitted by Annette Campbell, October 3, 2000

Addison J. Churchill, of Lexington, widely and personally known throughout the county as the ex-proprietor of the Houghtaling stage line from Prattsville to Catskill, and who has been the county sheriff, was born in Stamford, Delaware county, New York, May 7th 1836, and was the son of James and Elizabeth Churchill. He married Mary E. Houghtaling, of Prattsville. He is at present extensively engaged in farming and dairying, and is emphatically one of Greene county's representative citizens.

James Deyoe came to Lexington previous to 1780 with the early Dutch settlers, and settled three miles west of the village of Lexington. He raised a family of nine children, four sons and five daughters, only one of whom, the wife of Jacob A. Clawson, survives. John Deyoe, the son, settled near the old home and married Mary Schermerhorn, a daughter of one of the first settlers. They had a family of seven children. All but two are residents of the county at this time, and four of them are non-residents of this town. They are Daniel, James, Sarah, the wife of Thomas Powell, and Hannah, the wife of Walter George, Jacob, who lives in the State of Michigan, and Lucinda, at Grand Gorge, Delaware county.
Le Roy E. George, of Lexington, the son of Walter and Hannah M. George, was born in 1859. His wife was Miss M. E. Mansfield of Shandaken, Ulster county. He is a farmer, and has 196 acres of land. His father, who was a native of Middletown, Delaware county, New York, came to Lexington in 1857, and located on the farm where his widow and his son, L.E., now reside. He died in 1882.
Edward Griffin, a son of Miller and Christina Griffin, was born in Lexington, where he now resides in 1856. His wife was Miss Elmina Kilpatrick, daughter of Robert and Thirza Kilpatrick of Roxbury, Delaware county, New York. He is a farmer
Fletcher Mackey, a farmer, of Lexington, son of Daniel and Huldah Mackey, was born at Roxbury, Delaware Co, New York, in 1834. He married Miss Jane E. Kilpatrick of Roxbury, and they have three children living. Mr. Mackey came to Lexington in 1867. He has served three years as commissioner of highways, and ten as overseer of the poor. He and his wife have long been identified with the Old School Baptist church.

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