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Group of men in front of factory

Unidentified Factory and Group of Men

Photo submitted by Judy Lindsay-Bell

Note from Sue Panioli, June 21, 2018:
I have the photo in a book I have. It is The Wood Chemical Industry in the Delaware Valley compiled by Frank Daniel Myers III

That photo is included in the Russell Brook section, which talks about the G I Treyz acid factory just north of exit 93 on Route 17 where a corrugated steel building is now. No people IDs at all. Caption says” These factory workers, mostly Italian immigrants, would buy great quantities of groceries at the Treyz store (building in pic or is that the acid factory with the store the white part...dunno). Most of the meat they purchased was salt pork in brine. They also liked fish similarly salted. When milk and bread was about 10 cents, these folks would buy $200 of foodstuffs at a time then not show up again until the next payday.

That section of the book, with other photos and text, runs about 3 pages. So, more info available.

Note from Tamara Sanford:
Looking through my many Delaware County books this building strongly resembles the Luzerne Chemical Company, Horton. From the building structure, the railroad tracks to the 2 chimney type pipes coming out of the building. I found a picture of comparison in my 'Two Stones For Every Dirt' book.

Note from Terry Jones, August 9, 2011:
I had access to a copy of this same picture from an Great Aunt (Wilda (Klinegardner) Hollenback, b. 1910) who is now gone, and it was identified to me as Luzerne Chemical Company, Horton. I have no idea who the men are as of yet, but I have had family members who worked there and 1 or 2 might be them, but not sure. She claimed an uncle or G-Grandfather was probably in that picture, but never got the chance to make a positive identification. I know The Chiloway Charcoal Factory was located in Horton and my father and his brother worked there for a time, could be that also as I don’t know how long that factory was there.

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