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From the collection of Patricia Shaw DuMont, great niece of Shirlie Eta Signor Hoyt Warren. Album given to Patricia by her daughter Virginia Hoyt from Delhi, NY. Photos submitted to Website April, 2018


When David Miller Signor was born on February 20, 1819, in Hamden, New York, his father, John, was 30 and his mother, Loretta, was 30. He married Elizabeth Martha Telford in 1843 in Delaware County, New York. They had five children during their marriage. He died on November 15, 1897, in Delaware County, New York, having lived a long life of 78 years.

When George Yates Signor was born on November 2, 1853, in Hamden, New York, his father, David Miller Signor, was 34 and his mother, Elizabeth Martha Telford, was 28. He married Ida Antoinette Rowe in 1876. They had seven children in 20 years. He died on March 31, 1938, in Downsville, Delaware County, New York, at the age of 84, and was buried there.

Their children were:
Watson Burris– 1877-0000 m. Jesse Wealthy Smith
Ivan George – 1885-1968 m. Elizabeth R Conklin and second Gertrude Elizabeth Ostrom
Charles Earl -1886-1963 m. Mae Davis Campbell
Lowell Arthur – 1888-1982 m. Frances Kesiah Hawley
Revilo Rowe -1891-1968 m. Grace Mary Cameron
Shirley Etta - 1892-1976 m. George Hoyt
Violet Averil – 1897-1977 m. Marvin Shaw

Photo 19 - 55th wedding anniversary of George Yates Signor and Ida Antoinette RoweMay 8

Photo 01 - Wallace Rowe and George Hoyt

Photo 02 - Lillian Tomson Baum, Vivian Clark Wyncoop, Mina Gladstone Rowe, Ida Gladstone Hanna, Mary Hitt Hoyt, Esther Holmes Gibson, Fay Babcock Scott, Shirlie Signor Hoyt, Irma Laraway Dunn, Margaret Turnbull.

Photo 03 - Vivian Clark Wyncoop, Mary Hitt Hoyt, Mina Gladstone Rowe, Fay Babcock Scott, Ida Gladstone Hanna, Margaret Turnbull, Lillian Thompson Baum

Photo 04 - Linda Hotchkiss Rowe and husband Charles Edson Rowe ( Grace Mary Signor in background, wife of Revilo Rowe Signor)

Photo 05 - Emily Signor, Downsville, NY

Photo 06 - Rexford Signor Shaw, my father. Born 18 Feb. 1925. United States Army , serving in New Guinea. Son of Marvin Charles Shaw and Violet Averil Signor of Hamden, NY

Photo 07 - Joel Buris Signor, Redman Society, Downsville New York. Photo is dated 3-29-25

Photo 08 - David Miller Signor (b. 20 Feb. 1819 Hamden, NY, d. 15 Nov 1897 Downsville NY, and Elizabeth Martha Telford, b. April 1825, Telford Hollow, d. 14 Aug. 1906 Downsville, NY

Photo 09 - Possible wedding photo. My great, great grandmother, Lydia “Lida” Merritt Shaw, second wife of Alfred Augustus Shaw , Hamden NY . Lydia is dressed in white.

Photo 10 - My grandfather, Marvin Charles Shaw Hamden, NY, Son of Alfred Augustus Shaw and Lydia Merritt Shaw

Photo 11 - Ida Margaret Hoyt and her baby brother Robert Signor Hoyt, children of George Hoyt and Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt, Downsville, NY

Photo 12 - My great grandmother, Ida Antoinette Rowe Signor holding granddaughter Ida Margaret Hoyt. Standing, Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt, mother of Ida Margaret Hoyt

Photo 13 - Family Photo, August 1925, Downsville NY

Photo 14 - My father, Rexford Signor Shaw b. 18 Feb, 1925 in Hamden, NY, serving in the US Army, New Guinea WWII

Photo 15 - Uncertain, possibly man on left is Burton Coulter of Downsville, NY

Photo 16 - Robert Signor Hoyt or Rexford Signor Shaw, cousins. Still to be determined

Photo 17 - Unknown man on left, Violet Averil Signor Shaw, my grandmother

Photo 18 - Revilo R. Signor Bus Line (Downsville to Delhi)

Photo 19 - 55th wedding anniversary of George Yates Signor and Ida Antoinette RoweMay 8

Photo 20 - 55th wedding anniversary party covered in the local newspaper, obituary of George Yates Signor, Charles Edson Rowe etc

Photo 21 - Possibly graduating class. Delhi or Downsville, NY. I am in the process of researching further to learn who these people are

Photo 22 - Left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt Warren, Unknown - Downsville, NY

Photo 23 - Shirlie Etta Signor and George Hoyt, they later married, Downsville, NY

Photo 24 - Left to right: Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt Warren, Gladys Yates Signor Peck, Violet Averil Signor Shaw, Downsville, NY

Photo 25 - Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt with first child, Ida Margaret Hoyt

Photo 26 - Enlistment record for my grandfather, Marvin Charles Shaw

Photo 27 - All Unknowns - please contact Patricia Shaw DuMont with infoJul 26


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