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Town of Kortright, Delaware County, NY

(Patty Davidson-Peters of Flagstaff, Arizona designed the first website that showcased these pictures, but that website is no longer in existence)
Presentation on the Website by Joyce Riedinger

This album is 5" wide and 5.5" high, made of tooled leather, with brass fittings. Sadly, the latches on the back—that would have closed the album when fitted over the front—are missing. The first page was badly separated from the binding. I used to work in a library book bindery and so I took a bold step and glued the broken binding. Pictured above is Stephen Rich Struthers, who gave the album to Hannah on the occasion of her wedding to William Blakely Peters on 17 July 1861.

The following images are listed in alphabetical order to assist people in finding their loved ones. Numbers after names indicates the position of photograph in the album - I figure the photograph’s position in the book relates to the order in which Hannah Rich received it - Any asterisk indicates that this picture was loose in the album.) --Carolyn McPherson, March 8, 2019

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Row 1: Elizabeth Blakely (36); Samuel Blakely (16); and William Blakely (31)*
Row 2: Nancy Blakley Bowers (38); James Buchan (4); Rob Buchan (37)
Row 3: Charlotte Clark (15)*; Hannah Clark (24); David Crofoot (30)*
Row 4: Belle Rintoul Davenport (22)*; JD Gibson Rev.(21); Mrs. JD Gibson (28)(I believe her given name may be Charlotte or Catherine)
Row 5: Belle Leonard (09); Father Leonard (6); Mother Leonard (7)

click stamp
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It was the stamp and
the fact that four
people walked
into the same
photographic studio
on the same day
that made me conclude
they were a family.
Row 6: Son Leonard (8); STAMP; Anthony Marvin (34)
Row 7: Gailey McLaury (35); James Mitchell (19); Ransom Mitchell (27)
Row 8: Sarah Blakely Mitchell (29), Blakely Murwin (20), and Lochie Oliver (10)
Row 9: Jane Southard Pudney (26); Jane Oliver Rich (5); *Jane Rich last on this page; Marie Oliver Rich (12)
Row 10: Stephen Rich (2); Stephen Rich (18); Thomas Rich (25)
Row 11: Mary Robinson Struthers (17); Agnes Struthers (14); Mary Rich Struthers (11)
Row 12: Stephen Struthers (1); Jerusha Tallman (33); Moses Tallman (32)
Row 13: Unknown (5); Unknown (23); Jane Rich (13)

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