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Mary S. Briggs, Historian for the Town of Davenport has given us permission to transcribe the Cemetery Guide edited by The Davenport Historical Society, Davenport Center, NY. The following 10 Davenport cemetery compilations were taken from this guide.

--Submitted by Collin Haight, March 18, 2000


The Goodrich Cemetery is located on Charlotte Creek Road, opposite Pine Lake. 

NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
GOODRICH, John D.                      01/11/1882   33y-0m-11d
GOODRICH, Sarah                        03/28/1880   66y-7d
GOODRICH, Timothy                      01/24/1896   83y


The Harlow Cemetery is located on the Cerosaletti Farm. The farm is on Route 23
but the actual cemetery is closer to Pumpkin Hollow Road.

NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
HARLOW, Molly                          03/09/1826   61y
HARLOW, Jiney (?)                      07/19/1824   78y          Wife of Philamon Harlow
HARLOW, Philamon                       03/20/1825   74y
HARLOW, James                          03/21/1869   85y-4m-21d
HARLOW, Serva                          03/09/1830   34y          Wife of James


These are just two gravestones along the side of Charlotte Creek Road near the end 
of it towards West Davenport. Easily visible.

McMINN, David   Died February 17, 1847 aged 64 years, 8 months and 24 days

McMINN, Margaret    Died March 4, 1851 aged 65 years, 2 months and 17 days, wife of David, a native of Scotland


The Neunzig Family Cemetery is located on Charlotte Creek Road across 
from the Pine Lake. It is private property. 

NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
NEUNZIG, Elise           01/05/1908    06/30/1973                Daughter of John & Elsie
NEUNZIG, Elise Rosenau   04/19/1865    10/10/1956                Wife of John
NEUNZIG, John            11/05/1859    01/25/1947   87y-2m-18d   Son of Joachim Johann & Marguerite Vithen
NEUNZIG, Lillian         11/28/1891    11/12/1974                Wife of William
NEUNZIG, William         09/23/1891    02/21/1981                Husband of Lillian


The Orr Family Cemetery is located off Route 23 at Hanson Road in the west 
end of the town of Davenport. 
NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
ORR, Luther              09/22/1781    06/21/1855
ORR, Mary                              05/06/1870   78y-9m-0d
ORR, Mary Anna                         10/25/1849   5y-6m-12d


This cemetery is located way up on Coe Hill Road, and is right by the side of the road. 

NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
MILLER, Thomas                         11/20/1816   85y-11m-0d
PARKER, Theron                               1850   "Sister"
POTTER,??                                                        Infant
POTTER, Almyra D.                      09/03/1853   11y-8m-26d   Daughter of Amos & Sally Potter
POTTER, Jane                           03/22/1845   29y-1m-0d    Wife of Cornelius Harlow


This cemetery is located in back of the West Davenport Baptist Church. 

NAME                     BORN          DIED         AGE          NOTES
DOWNING, Patience E. Lout              10/14/1883   47y          Wife of Charles J.
GOULD, Emeline Seacord                       1876   38y-3m-8d    Wife of Elisha M.
SEACORD, William                       11/09/1868   66y-10m-9d
WHITBECK, Sarah                        01/18/1884   70y-9m-0d    Wife of John W.


The Van Zandt cemetery is located near Parks Hill Road. Turn up Parks Hill Road in Fergusonville and take it until it turns to go to Schenevus. Take a left, pass two trailers, and the burying ground is quite far back in the field. There is an old foundation visible there. I am not entirely sure where this cemetery is.

NAME                   BORN    DIED          AGE           NOTES

DURHAM, J.A. Mrs.              10/27/1890    73y-4m-12d
LAVALLIE, Cook                 06/20/1839    78y
LAVALLIE, Deborah              02/1835       76y           Wife of Cook Lavallie
MERRIL, Sarah A.               04/17/1841    27y-3m-4d     Wife of Levi Merril
PALMATIER, Henry H.            11/05/1852    69y-9m-2d
VanZANDT, Esther       1782                                Wife of Joseph VanZandt, d. after 1850 census
VanZANDT, Joseph               06/12/1845    68y
WAGAR, Estehr F.               04/05/1854    50y           Wife of E.M. Wagar
WAGAR, Martha M.               08/17/????    10y


Abandoned cemetery in town of Davenport. In the Prosser Hollow- Rathbun Road area. 
Transcribed in about 1960. This is all the data the sheet I have gives, and it is unclear 
to me where the actual cemetery is.
Update: Auagust 7, 2000 from Bill Lamphere Sperry Hollow is in the Town of Maryland, Otsego County, west of corner of Sperry Hollow road and Norton road. After turning onto the road, you go to the first house on the left. Pull in driveway, facing barn. To the left is a path approximately 6 ft. wide that is mowed by the Town. Follow the path back into a small wooded area. The stone of Levi A. Lamphere is very legible. The compilation below lists Levi A. as a Sperry. I was recently at the small grave yard the first week of June 2000. His stone clearly reads Levi A. Lamphere.

NAME BORN DIED AGE NOTES SPERRY, Ansel 01/04/1831 54y SPERRY, Mary A. 12/24/1877 72y Wife of Hezekiah metcalf SPERRY, Olive 11/10/1854 72y Wife of Ancel Sperry SPERRY, Levi A. 09/30/1840 10y-1m Son of Arnold & Asenath Lamphere SPERRY, Marvin A. 04/19/1852 9y Son of Alanson & Sally VanDeboe SPERRY, Fanny 02/13/1831 7m Daughter of Nathan & Dimmis Sperry SPERRY, Daniel SPERRY, Mary P. Rindel "His wife" (Prindle??) Infant twin daughters of Nathan Sperry and Dimmis Andrews Sperry, either born or died July 22/23, 1831 Aged 20 days and 21 days. Other burials, stones illegible. GRAVESTONE BY THE SIDE OF ROAD, PINDARS CORNERS It lies along the side of the road from Pindars Corners towards the town Meredith, but is still in Davenport. This is all the info given, and other than this I have no idea where the stone is. JOHN S.M., adopted son of A.H. & P. Durham of Athens, who died while on a visit to Town of "Dedenport" on the 10th of February 1825, ages 3 years, 10 months and 7 days.

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